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Retirement reform – «Old-age provision 2020»: No-deposit deposits in cash survey News

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Economy

The fight for the "old age" 2020 is in the decisive phase. For a few days, the voters who voted for the polls, which take place on September 24, are among the voters. According to the region, voters in Switzerland account for up to 90 percent of the vote.
The fact that we are in an important phase is also shown by the fact that the old members of the Federal Council, Ruth Dreifuss and Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, appear recently with increased media presence and are the source of the presentation. How the hidden threat of Widmer-Schlumpfs ("who says no, drives the precautionary measures to the wall") affects the election service or pulls the no attitude of the bourgeois parties, which threaten similar, but because the reform is not enough far, remains open for the time being.
The fact is, the template will have a hard time. This can be seen in the second online survey of cash.ch, which was launched on our portal over the past few days and in which 5000 participants submitted their voting. According to this, 62 per cent (or about 3100 voters) rejected the reform, 38 per cent or about 1900 participants would accept the reform.

As a result, the trend towards the "No" stock has intensified since the first cash survey from the end of March to the same vote. In 4200 survey respondents, 58 percent rejected the reform at the time, 42 percent accepted it. The wording and the response possibilities were the same for both surveys.
The online survey conducted by the media group Tamedia brought a contrasting trend towards the cash survey – namely a rising yes-share. In the first poll of early August, the resistance to the reform was still considerable, with 54% no votes. In the second survey, published on August 25, the no-share fell to 48 percent, 47 percent wanted to take a yes. 5 per cent said they were undecided.
Surveys such as those of cash Online naturally have no scientifically representative character. However, cash surveys have repeatedly shown themselves to be a reliable indicator of the past. The results in the run-up to various votes were often close to the effective result. This was the case with the Abzocker initiative, the 1: 12 initiative or the gold initiative.


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