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Repression for pharmacists – Ilaris study an "Inferno" for Novartis? | News

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Economy

In June, Novartis presented surprisingly strong results for the drug Ilaris in the treatment of patients with coronary artery disease. On the occasion of the symposium of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), the health group from Basel gave a detailed insight into the surveys over the weekend.
What looks promising at first sight proves to be a good idea on closer inspection. Although the preparation reduces the risk of heart attack and atherosclerosis patients, a heart attack, a stroke or fatal cardiovascular problems. This, however, only in a rather modest way, which raises questions regarding the commercial potential of Ilaris.
In the pre-market trading of Julius Baer, ​​the Novartis share at the hour loses 1.3 percent to 79 francs. This price decline will cost the Swiss Market Index (SMI) about 20 points. In the case of the derivatives, interest in the Put Warrant NOVPJB is discernible. One million warrants sometimes change hands.
The analyst working for Alliance Bernstein is somewhat disappointed in the effectiveness of the drug. His expectations in this regard were not high, so he lets them see through. The pharmaceutical analyst is not particularly concerned about the accumulation of fatal infections.
Study results really an "inferno" for Novartis?
He himself, Ilaris, has a top turnover of $ 1.4 billion a year up to seven years. This is slightly above the average expectations of other banks of a good 1 billion dollars. The analyst does not see any major adjustment requirements either in its own estimates, or in consensus expectations, and continues to outperform the Novartis share with a price target of CHF 95.
The stock market should have hoped for @Novartis more of the study results to #Ilaris. Does the $ SMI heavyweight threaten a rescuer?
– cashInsider (@cashInsider) August 28, 2017
As an "inferno" his professional colleague from Barclays describes the present study results. He raised the stock of the Basler Health Group in June on the basis of the first preliminary information from "Underweight" to "Equal-weight". In his opinion, the effectiveness of Ilaris is not sufficient to open up the market estimated for more than $ 6 billion a year for patients with cardiac artery disease. For this reason, he maintains both an "equal-weight" appraisal and a price target of CHF 80.
Stock has already given up price gains
The author of the HSBC, on the other hand, finds conciliatory words of comment. He considers the results of the study as positive overall and sees additional sales potential for Ilaris in the field of cancer treatment. The top turnover of $ 2 billion a year expected to support him is 2.80 Swiss francs to the 88 franc price target for the Novartis share. The latter is recommended for purchase at the HSBC.
According to traders, the Novartis stock has long since given back the price gains around the preliminary information published in June. The setback potential is therefore regarded as rather limited.


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