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Rennpace distorted: Where is Mercedes compared to Ferrari?

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 | Sports

01 August 2017 – 15:20
Because Sebastian Vettel had a problem, Ferrari could not get his true pace in Hungary – at Mercedes, one is where one is compared to the Scuderia

Braked: On the slow Sebastian Vettel came on Sunday none


(cafetheology.org) – Actually, the race in Budapest should show up where Mercedes is on slower courses compared to Ferrari – but nothing came of it. Because Sebastian Vettel had a problem with his steering and the whole field braked, the real pace of the Scuderia was not seen in the second race. "I think we did not see their real pace," Sebastian's car was clearly damaged, "confirms Mercedes-Teamchef Toto Wolff." After Sebastian's pit stop when Kimi had a free ride, his seasons were very fast, if they had left him outside , Then he would probably have overtaken him, "the sterreicher grumbles. A clear sign that Vettel could not get the complete speed of the SF70H. Wolff also remembers that Fernando Alonso drove the fastest lap of the race – under normal circumstances this year probably impossible.The real Pace Ferrari only flash on Saturday in qualifying and at the beginning of the race. In the qualifying, Valtteri Bottas missed 0.254 and Lewis Hamilton missed 0.431 seconds on the pole time of Vettel. The race also had the Scuderia under control. After 15 rounds, Bottas was already more than nine seconds behind leader Vettel, who managed his lead at the top. The Lcke did not close again until Vettel got problems. Hamilton is also aware that Ferrari could not show his true Pace. For him, therefore, the retirement on Saturday is more important. "I do not know why we missed the pace in qualifying," the World Cup rumbled, explaining, "I have no idea if this will be confirmed in the coming race."

The Formula 1 race in Budapest: Rikknens awarded Siegchance, the Mercedes order and stopping collision

He can still: After four unbeaten races, Sebastian Vettel backs and wins the Grand Prix of Hungary. Just like in Monaco, Ferrari celebrates a double victory. Mercedes-Sportchef Toto Wolff is more confident, but not a trend reversal. Nevertheless, Vettel's cheers are particularly relieved.

The fact is that Ferrari was able to enter the first victory since the race in Monaco in May. It should not be a coincidence that both routes are very similar. "They are fast on the bends, we have to work on our maximum-output package," says Bottas, adding: "You (Ferrari, editor) have made good progress, and definitely work ahead." "There are still many routes where you need a lot of downforce," recalls the Finn. Especially in the city racing in Singapore, Ferrari again easily be favored. Before the summer break, however, the races in Spa and Monza, where the engine power is much more important, are waiting for. "On the paper, the two upcoming races should be a bit better for us," Bottas is aware. But is Mercedes really up there again? After his victory in Hungary, Vettel had at least a fight to the silver arrows. "I think we have the best car," said the World Cup leader confidently. He's 14 points ahead of Hamilton and 33 points ahead of Bottas in the summer break. "We have left a lot of points so far," says Hamilton, among other things, his wonted victory in Baku or the impalpable qualifying in Monaco. In design evaluation, however, the silver arrows still have the front. You go with 39 points more than Ferrari in the summer break. The Scuderia has been able to celebrate four victories this year, Mercedes has already won six times.


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