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Renault pokers at Palmer: Intermediates lubricate

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Sports

02. September 2017 – 9:42 pm

Jolyon Palmer should have finished his round on the rain

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(cafetheology.org) – Renault is actually one of the teams that can take advantage of the opportunity in the rain, but the French did not experience a wet day in the wet qualifying of Monza. Jolyon Palmer was already in the first qualifying session as the 17th, Nico Hülkenberg came at least one more lap and became twelfth. The result is not a big one anyway, but you had expected more. The Pace on the Intermediate tires was not at all true. "On the Intermediates both in Q1 and in Q2 went nothing," complains Hülkenberg and means that the Renault ran on the mixing tire "as on lubricating soap". Therefore one could not keep up with the competition. "We must try to understand this," he can not provide an explanation. "But the fact is that the conditions are a chance for us." This is especially true for team-mate Palmer, who is still sticking on the pitch. The Briton says that he would have moved comfortably into Q2 if the team had not called him on his fastest lap to switch from rainbows to intermediates. Previously Palmer had not made a really good round because he had made a mistake. "We've come to the pits for Intermediates, but I could not make them work," he continues. "I had a round, but I slipped everywhere, and I thought I'd get a round, but the checkered flag came, it's a pity," Palmers said. He is sure: "If I had stayed on full-wets, I would have been comfortable." But why did Renault give the good lap? "Normally, we're used to switching to intermediates as quickly as possible and getting the tire to work," says Palmer. "But the tire is new, and I just drove it in Silverstone on a drying track, it was the first time we had the transition from rain tires to intermediates, and we switched too early." Tomorrow is likely to be difficult for Renault , Both pilots are once again punished and have to fight in the dry ahead. "We need to see how we get there, it's not going to be a simple race," said Hülkenberg, skeptically, "it's going to be difficult to score points."


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