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Renault not good enough: do not need frustrated Alonso

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Sports

"He has to look at his timing and the timing of other teams," says Abiteboul further. Renault is on the ascending branch, but a change Alonsos would be too early, because one does not assume the French in 2018 the top attack. With now 36 years, the McLaren driver probably does not have much time to get the longed-for third Formula One title. While Alonso makes a stay at McLaren allegedly dependent on a departure from Hondas, Renault also has to look who is in the Next year. Nico Hulkenberg is considered as set, but the still punktelose Jolyon Palmer wiggles hugely. The list of substitute candidates is long, but the public looks especially for the name of Robert Kubica, who recently made a good figure on test rides in Hungary and was racing for the first time since his rally accident in 2011. Renault would like first more answers on the employability of the Poland, but Abiteboul admits that it is difficult in times of test restrictions. Previously, Kubica could have been fully evaluated, but in today's Formula 1 test days are clearly limited and the opportunities are rare. "This will not change for Robert either," says Teamchef, who does not want to call Kubica but Plan B or C. "The question is whether he can go back to Formula 1," he says. "But unfortunately, that is not yet clear." The Frenchman knows that Kubica and Renault run down the time so slowly. Lastly, some driver decisions have been made for 2018, and they are expected to go ahead in the coming weeks. "We must be part of this move," says Abiteboul, emphasizing that Renault would be an option again for more drivers after the last good performances – but Fernando Alonso is not one of them.


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