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Renault confirms talks with McLaren for 2018

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Sports

25. August 2017 – 6:25 pm

Cyril Abiteboul spoke with McLaren about engine deliveries

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(cafetheology.org) – The speculation that McLaren 2018 in Formula 1 could change the engine partner and switch from Honda to Renault, have been ghosting for quite some time through the paddock. And they have a real core. "I can confirm that we are talking to McLaren," Abiteboul of Motorsport.com is quoted as saying that the French car maker, McLaren has been flirting with a change of drivetrains since the current partner Honda still has a clear lag in the third year after the return to Formula 1. After the Mercedes and Ferrari signaled that they do not want to supply McLaren, Would remain the only alternative. And there the sports department is not averse. "We appreciate the long-term cooperation with Red Bull, which we would like to continue until 2020, but if there is still something to be done, why not?", Abiteboul signals a fundamental interest.This statement is made by Red Bull team leader Christian Horner But for headbuttons. "I think Renault could not supply a fourth team, and they do not have the capacity to do so," he says, referring to Sky Sports F1. Abiteboul does not even deny that there might be any bottlenecks in supplying another team at Renault. "It would be unbelievable to believe that we could supply more than three teams without compromising service for the others," he says. Another Hrde that would take a McLaren-Renault cooperation would be the FIA ​​Automobile Association. This should give its OK before Renault can supply another customer. "And I can not imagine that they would agree to any agreement Honda throws out of Formula One," Horner is sure. So the McLaren-Renault project will ultimately be just a thought-proving game and the British team at Honda Must remain. For the last time, the drifts between Viry-Chatillon and Woking have not faded. "At the moment it has become quite quiet, they are not in a hurry," says Abiteboul.


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