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Relocation to Düsseldorf: Studiobrand at ARD-Morgenmagazin

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | World News

ARD-Morgenmagazin from Düsseldorf has to send a fire. A fire in the cellar of a WDR building in Cologne forces the editors to move over night.

"All the logistics were shifted from Cologne to Dusseldorf in one night and we hope that it works a lot," said moderator Peter Großmann in a short video on the short news service Twitter shortly before the start of the program.

The editor of Morgenmagazin was in Düsseldorf at the colleagues of the current hour, the breakfast was quickly bought at the gas station, said moderator Sven Lorig in this video. In the show, the moderators were always on the move, the weather presented Donald Bäcker from an outdoor terrace with a view of the Düsseldorf Media Harbor.

  The fires of the fire were batteries
In a WDR building in Cologne on Tuesday burning batteries triggered a multi-hour fire service. The cellar room had to be flooded with foam, in order to extinguish the fire, a spokesman for the fire brigade announced. According to the fire brigade, the batteries are intended as an external power supply in emergencies such as a power failure.

The WDR tied on the service evening that the show "Here and now" had to be interrupted because of the fire. A company spokeswoman told the Cologne newspaper "Express" that a replacement program had been sent for a total of eleven minutes.


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