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Reinsurance – Swiss Re expects price stabilization | News

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Economy

This is what Swiss Re writes in the run-up to the media conference at the Montagnachmittag on the occasion of the branch meeting "Les Rendez-vous de Septembre" in Monte Carlo. Hurricane "Irma" is currently raging in the US state of Florida, after hurricane "Harvey" had led to severe flooding in Texas in late August.
As a result of the current damage situation, Swiss Re would continue to expect a correction in the price structure, particularly in the case of liability business. In the meantime, price developments in the various niche segments, the so-called specialty lines, are likely to vary according to market and business.
At the same time, the still challenging market environment, which is characterized by low interest rates and surplus capital in the industry, would exert further pressure on both reinsurance and primary insurance prices. In this environment, Swiss Re would be disciplined in the process of drawing reinsurance business to secure long-term and sustainable success.
Meanwhile there is a growing demand on the market for new reinsurance solutions, writes Swiss Re. These are designed to provide customers with support in managing their portfolios and expanding into new segments and markets. For example, new technologies could contribute to a better understanding of the risks of new business areas.


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