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Redstone 3: Microsoft Removed Refs Formatting Windows 10 Pro

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

Shortly after Microsoft introduced the new operating system variant Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, a patch shows that the formatting option of the file system Resilient File System (Refs) for the standard version of Windows 10 Pro is to be removed. With the Creators Update case, only Windows 10 Enterprise and the new workstation version can create disks with this file system. The Twitter user @teroalhonen draws this conclusion from an excerpt from Microsoft's own patch manifest.
According to this, Windows 10 Pro is no longer sufficient to use Refs completely. However, already formatted partitions can still be read and written. When Windows 10 Pro for Workstations was announced, full support was still a new feature, even though the file system was already running under the traditional Windows 10 Pro.

Secure file system in the style of Btrfs
It seems as if Microsoft wants to bring another sales argument for the new version of Windows with this step, but at the expense of existing licenses. Further innovations are the support of four instead of two processor sockets simultaneously and a maximum of six instead of two terabytes of memory.
Refs is similar to ButterFS (Btrfs) under Linux, a file system with integrated error detection. Checksums can be used to detect and, if necessary, correct incorrect data. The file system is compatible with NTFS, which is used primarily by Windows versions. However, no Windows partitions can be started with Refs.

It is therefore necessary that at least a part of the data carrier is formatted with the less secure NTFS. Linux users have long been able to access secure file systems. Apple also introduced a bootable and secure file system with the Apple File System under MacOS High Sierra.


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