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Red Bulls future partner: not Honda, not Porsche

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Sports

15 September 2017 – 14:23
Red-Bull Teamchef Christian Horner makes a promising announcement: You have a manufacturer at the bow – and it is neither Honda nor Porsche!

Christian Horner promises an early promulgation of the new engine partner

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(cafetheology.org) – As if not enough dominoes had fallen on this Friday in Singapore, Christian Horner has a further stone for the future future of his team in Formula One: The 'Red' Teamchef has a new engine partnership to be announced soon: "There will soon be another announcement, we have a connection to a car manufacturer and it is neither Honda nor Porsche." Such a possible partner would be Aston Martin. The British Nobel manufacturer already co-operated with Hyper-Red "Valkyrie" with Red Bull star designer Adrian Newey. The Britons also sat at the table for the Formula 1 motors rules from the season 2021. Aston Martin has again written black numbers for the first time in many years. The British Nobel producer belongs to investors from Kuwait. The emirate would like to catch up on lost ground on other "big players" in this region and can well imagine Formula One. Bahrain is, for example, involved in McLaren. Kuwait had recently presented plans for his own Formula One circuit. Aston Martin would be ready for a Formula One entry if the Formula 1 is again spectacular on the engine side, on the other hand, an overly high investment is not necessary and thirdly a competitive engine is procured can be. The first is fixed for the rules from 2021, the last two points would be possible in the course of a co-operation with Cosworth, which have already put the engine for the Valkyrie. Which would also fit the Red Bull philosophy of wanting to return independent engine forgiveness to Formula One. (The Cosworth option already discussed 'cafetheology.org' editor Dieter Rencken in 'Autosport') However, a possible combination Red Bull-Aston Martin would be conceivable at the earliest to the Formula 1 season 2021 when the new engine regulation takes effect. Until then two seasons have to be bridged. After Renault's deepening process with the change from Toro Rosso to Honda has been ushered in, Red Bull will probably be separated from Renault after the 2018 season. Horner says, "Everything that is 2019 is pure speculation. We just know Renault is our partner for 2018."



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