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Red Bull threatens McLaren: Four teams for Renault impossible

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Sports

08 September 2017 – 10:55 am
A marriage between Toro Rosso and Honda seems to McLaren the only way out of the drive dilemma: The Red Bull teamchef knows that the FIA ​​is playing

Christian Horner and Cyril Abiteboul: Red Bull and Renault are hard-booted

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(cafetheology.org) – Red Bull Teamchef Christian Horner concludes that the driving partner Renault could supply four teams with engines in the upcoming Formula One season – and thus sets the door for a potential deal for the French with McLaren , unless something happens in the case of Toro Rosso. "I do not think they can equip a fourth team, they do not have the capacity to do so," Horner admits. In addition, Renault would have to obtain a special approval from the FIA ​​for the new customer after a corresponding nomination period expired in May. As the World Automobile Association is interested in placing as many competitive starters as possible on the list, it seems to be a formal issue. But not if the fourth hybrid supplier were knocked out. Horner warns of the consequences of a McLaren Renault marriage: "Such a step would throw Honda out of Formula One, which is difficult to imagine." Unless Toro Rosso agrees to a deal with the Japanese and thus creates an additional perspective for Red Bull in the 2019 season. Horner suggests that junior teams should be quick to make nails with heads.

Not in it, what draufsteht: since 1960, teams scrap the logos of the engine manufacturers and rename them – like Red Bull 2016 with TAG Heuer

In the 2016 season, Red Bull is not racing with luxury Swiss watches in the rear, but as usual with a hybrid engine and Renault power. This does not prevent the Austrians from naming the driving forces of the recently disowned favorite partner after the new premium sponsor TAG Heuer. What sounds like a Schnapsidee has already been found in the formula. We have tried our database and unmask the engine-cheating packs of the royal class.

"The time has come and the car designs for the coming year are getting more and more specific. When you change the engine partner, it has to happen within a few weeks," he says. By the way, Red Bull did not have a veto against Renault's involvement with McLaren: "Any decision as to how many teams they supply is with them," says Horner about the French, in order to see that there are complications of his troops of the ex-favorite partner, Red Bull clearly states: "In our contract are certain clauses", Horner remains vague. It is quite possible that it will be a return coach for the McLaren-initiated Honda cancellation to the Austrians in 2015. "We learned a lesson with Ron Dennis a few years ago," says Horner. The patron is not on board in Woking however. Renault currently supplies beside its own workman and Red Bull also its offshoot Toro Rosso. It is rumored that Honda would switch to the junior racing team from Faenza, thus providing the necessary capacity for a McLaren deal.


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