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Red Bull sour on Renault: Verstappen blooms Monza grid punishment

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Sports

28. August 2017 – 14:28

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(cafetheology.org) – In the marriage between Red Bull and Renault, the house bosom hangs wrong. Actually, the French promised to catch Mercedes this season, but instead, after the summer break, you still struggle with reliability problems. "I think Renault is absolutely aware that their reliability and product are not good enough," says Teamchef Christian Horner after Max Verstappen's sixth engine problem in the twelfth race. "It's their job to solve it, we're a paid customer and we're not getting the right service." In fact, Red Bull is a lot of fun: Supertalent Verstappen, which is in the top teams Mercedes and Ferrari is coveted, will be this season Of the Renault bad luck. Even if the Dutch does not apply this wording. "At first you can still speak of bad luck, but if it happens for the sixth time, it is no longer a bad luck," the 19-year-old complains about the failure before numerous Dutch fans. How many failures can happen before he looks around for alternatives? "Not much more …" The frustration is so deep in the Dutch that he left a media round after the failure in Baku. And in just a few days, Stappen will arrive in Monza with a gloomy air. While Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kwjat had already pulled the first Renault engine joker in Belgium, Verstappen is now threatening a re-entry because he was already at the limit with the internal combustion engine and the MGU-H electric machine before Spa. Horner: Value for money Is not right "Now Max is also in the Monza to the collar." Christian Horner "Max goes to Monza in the collar, because he sees there with some penalties concentrated," clarifies Horner. "This is really frustrating, and that should not be the case." Because this year, Red Bull went into the season with title ambitions. While Daniel Ricciardo, who is spared a miracle of the Renault bad luck, is still able to figure out theoretically the odds, Verstäff is back with a backstroke of 153 points on Leader Sebastian Vettel as sixth without prospects. But what was really the reason For cessation of stopping in Belgium? "It looks as if it has not been a mechanical defect, but a sensor or spark plug problem," Horner reports. "But at this level one can not afford these types of defects, as they occur continuously," the Briton once more exclaimed. "We are spending a lot of money on the engine, and they have to do it, and it hurts them just as much as it hurts us." In fact, the engines that currently cost Red Bull more than 20 million Euros will be cheaper by three million euros this coming season , "Everything is relative," interrupts Horner. Asked if the reduction of the motor costs is no help, he reacts defensively: "I will not now talk about financial contract details, but it is not a significant difference." Does Renault lack the will? But does the Briton believe that Renault is the problems at all , The current driving regulations still apply for a maximum of three years. "Hope dies last," he sighs, pointing to the competition in Maranello. "Ferrari made it, they were in a more difficult situation than Renault in 2014. They have invested in the right areas, they've got the right people, and they're competitive again, which shows that it is possible to get the right people And has the right budget – and it really wants. "


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