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Red Bull: Ricciardo wants to dominate the weekend

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Sports

15. September 2017 – 17:49

Not to stop: Daniel Ricciardo dominated the Friday in Singapore

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(cafetheology.org) – Driving world in Formula One at the Singapore Grand Prix 2017: Instead of the expected Ferrari dominance, Red Bull determines the event at the top. Daniel Ricciardo scored two best times and was in the second free practice so decisive that he seemed inviolable at times. Also for team colleague Max Verstappen, who had a half second in the second training on the Australian. Ricciardo has fueled a lot of self-confidence, which he now lets his opponents sprint. 1: 40.852 minutes – nobody came to this brand on the Friday evening. "A good day, I want to go on at the same time, I'm here on a dominating weekend," Ricciardo is just as full-bodied. He was much slower in the first free practice with 1: 42.489 minutes than later in the night, but still achieved the best time with 0.109 seconds ahead of Sebastian Vettel. "I'm not really surprised because I've come here with a lot of self-confidence," he says. For him the one-tenth of a second lead in the first practice was not even enough. "The distance from the second practice I already feel better," laughs the always well-tempered Red Bull pilot. His strength was above all the third sector: in the many 90-degree corners off Marina Bay, he took three tenths of a second to Teamkollege Verstappen and four to Lewis Hamilton, who finished third in the Mercedes. In the last stretch of the race, no one had grown up to him.Special qualifying expectedRicciardo remains confident that Red Bull can hold the lead. He does not believe, however, that it will again be seven tenths of a second ahead of Mercedes and even 1.9 seconds on the best Ferrari. "I think Ferrari and Mercedes will be close at the end of the qualifying, but I think we have enough to stay ahead, and he will not be blinded by the weak Ferrari-Pace in the second practice session , I do not know what they were doing for a program. "The race is pretty good, but I am." "The race is pretty good, but me think we can improve something. "The Red Bull will drive a second faster in the Longrun than we do!" Teamchef Christian Horner now has his own theory , why the man from Perth on the streets of Singapore to the highest form: "Daniel's new hairstyle functions like an air conditioning system. "We did not expect to be so competitive," he admits most severe, the ruckus is on Daniel Ricciardo, from 0,121 seconds of delay in the evening session their 0.556 at night. "We all know that Daniel is always really strong here. But on my fastest lap, Grosjean has turned, "the 19-year-old puts it." That gave me a yellow flag and I could not use the DRS any more. So it did not make any sense, so I canceled the round. But we also have to do a bit of fine tuning on the engine, because we do not look good on the top speed compared to the other car (Ricciardo, editor). "Overall, he is not worried "Red Bull RB13 will be on the road again, and he will be able to improve his balance on Saturday, where he can still see a few weaknesses, especially in the case of a wall kiss in Curve 10, the former bred "Singapore Sling" chicanes, which is now only a 90-degree link curve. When he was next to the ideal line, the stern broke out and he jumped, but was able to continue. Also the Dutchman expects that Ferrari in the qualifying "We have already seen it for a while now that Ferrari on Friday a little back and then on Saturday is stronger. But in the race we should be very competitive. In the Longruns, we looked very good. "Red Bull can help Mercedes in the title fight by taking Ferrari points, but it could be a bit more exciting: Verstappen has the best chance of winning his second Formula One victory ever since his Spanish- Triumph, who has now been almost a year and a half, will do his utmost to take the chance and not to leave Ricciardo a triumph as in 2016 or Azerbaijan 2017. The team-internal duel could be a source of tension, but stopping will have to stretch.


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