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Red Bull is hoping: Strker as a Mercedes?

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Sports

14. September 2017 – 16:19

Daniel Ricciardo has set his sights on the second season of the season

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(cafetheology.org) – Red Bull has a great opportunity for a success this weekend. The victory in Baku came through happy circumstances, but in Singapore, the racing team pays off good opportunities to come to their own success. The Marina Bay Street Circuit is well received by the RB13, and Daniel Ricciardo is also a true Singapore specialist. The Australian has always been on the podium for the last three years and would like to extend the series. He still lacks victory in South East Asia. However, he does not want to rule out this 2017. In any case, he considers his car to be more capable than just going to the podium, as he says. "We have grown stronger and stronger," he stressed calmly before the weekend. "We were pretty good on stretches with high downforce this year." However, Red Bull also managed to make a surprisingly good start on badly stretched tracks like in Monza. The car has improved significantly since the start of the season. At that time disagreements with the wind tunnel had hindered the development, but since the problem is solved, it is jumping uphill. "With the updates we should be in the music," Ricciardo looks cheerfully ahead.Therefore, with Mercedes, a major main competitor seems to have difficulties on similar track profiles, as was apparent in Monaco and Budapest. "That's why it looks like Ferrari and us are going to fight," said Ricciardo, who is hoping for a tight and exciting race in Singapore. His team colleague, Max Verstappen, also believes that Mercedes can be beat this weekend "I think we have a chance when we do everything right," said the Dutchman, who, however, has to be spared, above all, by the technical problems that have made him a failure this season. Stopping in 2017 was only once on the podium, but had already several times the chance for a second. Now he builds on that Renault got the problems under control. "It is positive," he emphasizes. "We'll see what the weekend will bring." "In Monaco, our car was not as good as it is now – and already we were quite competitive, especially in the race," he says. At that time Red Bull was fourth and fifth – before Lewis Hamilton, for example.


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