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Red Bull in Spa: With stave-vote nher dran

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Sports

26. August 2017 – 18:17

With much fan support, Verstappen showed a strong spa qualifying

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(cafetheology.org) – It was the expected result for the Red Bull team in qualifying for the Grand Prix of Belgium in Spa: Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were unable to compete with the top teams Mercedes And Ferrari, but the Dutchman is optimistic about the race day. The reason: the distance to the front is on the power line in Spa less than feared. With his fastest lap in 1: 43.380 minutes, Verstappen is just over eight tenths of a second behind pole man Lewis Hamilton, on Kimi Rikknen on rank four are missing only 0.110 seconds. While the 19-year-old can be satisfied with his result, Teamkollege Ricciardo berbs Its performance. With almost half a second on racking up the Australian got a decent defeat, for the eighth time in the Formula 1 season 2017, he had to be beaten over his eight years younger colleagues. Even in the first two qualifying stages, Verstappen was the much faster of the two Red Bull riders – in addition, he is much better off in RB13 at Spa. In the jungle of voting on Friday, the Youngster instinctively put the right turn, while Ricciardo On risk poker and wrongly drew. In the knowledge of the performance disadvantage of the Renault drive on the long straights and ascents in Spa-Francorchamps drove with extremely little wing. "You can only dismantle the wing if you want even less air resistance," Teamboss Christian Horner explained the risky attempt of his pilot, who did not pay off. While the Australian was able to compete in Sectors 1 and 3, he was in the corner of the middle sector without any chance and only slid around. Stappen concentrated on the strengths of the RB13While also a compromise in the vote did not want to frustrate, the Australian swung for the qualifying completely Stopping conservative line. "As for the downforce, we went to Max's approach, which he tried yesterday," he concedes. "We had tried to find a compromise, but it did not work, so we concentrated again on our strengths – and they are all right Clear in sector two. "In the clear text: With a lot of wings and more downforce, Verstappen took his time in the long second sector and took it for granted that he would in the first and third section in any case not come to the speed level of Mercedes and Ferrari. In fact, he was able to stay in the top cars in all three qualifying sections and was on a level with Valtteri Bottas in the Mercedes and Kimi Rikknen in the Ferrari. Even though it was not enough to get into the silver and red phalanx, the 19-century is satisfied: "It was a perfect qualifying for me," he says, cheering for space. The Youngster impressed once more with his flawless performance Teamchef Horner. "Max is just really good in qualifying," he says in the interview with Sky Sports F1, while the praise even reminded of the previous year, when he made it surprisingly to the second starting place. "I really enjoyed my lap, it was a bit like last year, but I was second, but my round today was very similar, I was on the limit and I've put all the sectors together, which is not happening too often. "Daniel Ricciardo grumbles: Even for the eighth time behind MaxNun, the young Dutchman hopes that, unlike the previous year when he touched Rikknen in turn one, he will come through the first round without incident. After that, he focuses on two things: a rain shower and the support of the thousands of Dutch fans on the track. "We know that everything can happen on this track. At the moment, it does not look like rain, hopefully it will change." In the direction of his supporters, he says: "The fans are a huge motivation for me, and the course is practically orange, like the football, when the national team plays."


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