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Ransomware: Locky returns again

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Ransomware Locky has appeared since the beginning of August again accumulated in the net. As malwarebytes writes, the new Locky version is distributed over the Necurs botnet. This locky variant is also distributed to spam e-mails via Word or Zip attachments.

Since August, several versions of the malicious program have been screened, which in Germany had temporarily infected numerous private users and institutions. One of the versions encrypts files with the extension .diablo6, another version uses the suffix -Lukitus.
The current versions of Ransomware also use a new command-and-control server. You specify affiliate ID affilID3 and affilID. Ransomware attacks are offered today by criminals as a service and can be rented for money or commission payments.
Spread spreads again
According to Malwarebytes, the spread of Locky has declined strongly in the past months and is now rising again. Active campaigns use attachments with .zip, and vbs. Files as well as PDF files with embedded .docm elements and various encrypted file formats with JS files. Locky uses RSA-2048 in conjunction with AES-128 to encrypt the files.
Ransomware can be comparatively simple and effectively monetarized by criminals and has therefore become a widespread danger in addition to bank robots and other fraud scenarios. Companies with a large number of computers are a popular target for attackers. However, in the case of major attacks such as Not Petya and Wanna Cry, there is controversy as to whether the blackmail of ransom is a priority, or whether it is more a matter of disrupting business processes.


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