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Racist email from AfD frontwoman Alice Weidel leaked

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | World News

The excitement around Alice Weidel does not tear. After the Talkshow-Eklat is now an e-mail with racist remarks and democracy-despising theses, which is to come from the AfD-top candidate.

According to "Welt am Sonntag" ("WamS"), the original e-mail of February 24, 2013 states: "The reason why we are flooded by non-Christian peoples, such as Arabs, Sinti and Roma, is the systematic destruction of the population bourgeois society as a possible counterbalance of constitutional rivals, of which we are governed. "

In addition, the letter criticizes the Federal Government of Angela Merkel (CDU): "These pigs are nothing more than marionettes of the Victory of the Second World War and have the task of keeping the population small by inducing molecular civil war in the agglomeration centers by means of alienation "the paper continues. It also criticizes the fact that Germany is not sovereign and the judiciary up to the Federal Constitutional Court is corrupted.

  Weidel's statements made massive criticism in politics. CSU General Secretary Andreas Scheuer told the "Welt": "Behind the pseudo-bourgeois façade of Frau Weidel lies the frightening ideology of a German citizen. The AfD of Gauland, Höcke, Meuthen and Weidel is really a lie party that rejects the German government and fight. "

AfD rejects Weidel's origin
The AfD denies in Weidel's name that she is the author of the e-mail. AfD spokesman Christian Lüth said that Weidel had assured him that this mail did not come from her. It was "a fake." Even AfD top candidate Alexander Gauland sharply rejected the reports on Weidel. "This e-mail is not their language, does not fit at all," he told the "Bild" newspaper. "It is the nasty attempt to keep the AfD at all costs from the Bundestag." Gauland claimed "a miserable campaign, in which the media also participate."

 According to "WamS", an affidavit of the mail recipient, a former acquaintance of the Weidels, suggests that the e-mail actually comes from Weidel. The recipient of the mail argued against the newspaper in support of Weidel's originality that the subject line of the mail was related to him, and that she had drawn it as usual with her nickname "Lille". At the time the mail allegedly comes from, Weidel is said to have been not yet party member according to the newspaper. However, at that time she had begun to get involved in the AfD predecessor "Wahlalternative 2013", writes the "WamS".

Still little policy experience
The 38-year-old Alice Weidel is comparatively new in politics. In 2013, the economist came to the AfD in protest against the federal government's euro recovery policy. Most recently she worked as a company consultant. Professionally, she traveled a lot in China. Her relationship with Parteichefin Frauke Petry was very good for a long time. Both of them voted in the federal executive committee to initiate a decision against the Thuringian AfD chairman Björn Höcke.

After Weidel decided to form the top team together with Gauland at the federal part-session in the spring of this year, the ratio has cooled down. Weidel has two children together with her partner.


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