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R-Kom: 1 & 1 becomes partner of a further glass fiber supplier

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

1 & 1 and R-Kom have agreed on a partnership to market the fiber optic connections of the city network operator. This announced 1 & 1 on September 14, 2017. Thus, according to Wilhelm.tel in the north of Germany, M-net in the Münchner Raum, Netcologne in the Cologne-Aachen region was another partner for the open access platform of the marketer of Internet access.

The regional telecommunication provider supplies 26,000 households with FTTB / H connections in Regensburg and the surrounding area – the fiber optic cable is sufficient to reach the building or into the home. With cooperation, 1 & 1 from 1 October will be able to offer data rates of 50, 100, 200 and in the future 500 MBit / s in the network area of ​​R-KOM.
"This is one step closer to our goal of being able to offer high-performance fiber-optic connections across Germany," says Martin Witt, CEO of 1 & 1 Telecommunication. "1 & 1 can offer its customers additional broadband connections, and our partners are better off their networks."
1 & 1 with standardized interface S / PRI 4.0
Existing fiber-optic house connections are connected and marketed to the 1 & 1 infrastructure via the standardized interface S / PRI 4.0.
Jürgen Grützner, Managing Director of the VATM (association of providers of telecommunications and value-added services), said:
"We are currently experiencing a great deal of dynamism in the development of real fiber-optic connections." Telekom's competitors are joining forces in a sustainable partnership to bring the company's extensive fiber-optic expansion to companies and homes. "

"Open access rather than economically nonsensical superstructure – that is the motto of the Breko," said association boss Stephan Albers.
Already for nearly 21 years, the operator R-Kom has been focusing on expanding its own fiber optic infrastructure. In the first years, the operator mainly addressed business customers and carriers; since 2009 also the retail market. There, the company is listed under the brand name Glasfaser Ostbayern. In the private customer area, the operator offers up to 500 MBit / s for 84.95 Euro per month. "Technically, on the basis of current system technology, the private customer bandwidth could also be expanded to 10 GBit / s," said managing director Alfred Rauscher Golem.de end of December 2016. The prices of R-Kom remain the same after two years. On the other hand, supra-regional operators often double the prices after the 24-month contract period.


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