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Queues: Still Two Hours to Call of Duty …

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Gadgets

Only beginners take nothing with the Gamescom. Anyone who has been to the world's biggest fair for the game will be back in the halls with a backpack full of luggage. A camping chair is also available with experienced professionals as well as handhelds and power packs for the battery of the smartphone. Of course there are also food and drinks, as well as books and magazines.

In the midst of the long queues of the Gamescom we found however on our visit on Friday – traditionally the day with the second strongest rush – however many perfectly prepared players. The share of those who had made themselves comfortable on a folding chair should be in the high double-digit percentage range.
Quite as bad as in the years before we found the queues 2017 however not. We had seen several signs with warnings before four and even five-hour waiting. They have not met us this time: We noticed a maximum of three hours. And this, although the fair received more visitors than ever before. 350.00 it was according to the organizer Koelnmesse this year – 5,000 more than 2016.
Many of the gamers told us that the actual waiting times are usually shorter than stated. Sure, the publishers prefer to spend a bit more time. To go there sooner, makes for a better mood, than if the whole thing lasts longer than announced.
It was quite uncomplicated with the wait this year but probably not always: So we listen, but without seeing it itself, that the situation especially at Call of Duty on Thursday was temporarily tense. A part of the waiters had to sit around surrounded by folders in the middle of the halls. But no one was arrested – whoever wanted to leave could take that for granted.

    At Far Cry 5 the snakes were temporarily closed on Friday. (Photo: Peter Steinlechner / Golem.de)

Waiting times are one of the bigger themes during the Gamescom week, especially among the younger players. Visitors from Cologne and the neighboring regions exchanged their knowledge of the status at which well-known acquaintances worked, which also allowed them to play two or even three rounds. Then, of course, the Schlangenstehen is worth more.
There seems to be few minors who celebrate growing up with an additional day of the fair. After all, they need this to be able to watch at least two to four of the previously inaccessible USK-18 titles.
In our short interviews with Gamescom guests in the queues, we have barely heard of frustration. Most of the waiters were in a good mood. Many are friends with friends, together the cliques share the time with speeches, playing and posting contributions and selfs on Facebook and Instagram. The companies also treat the visitors in a relaxed manner: if you have to go to the toilet, simply go and then you can go back to its place in the queue.


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