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Qarnot Q.rad: Three Ryzen CPUs form a heater

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Gadgets

Qarnot has announced that Q.rad will also be equipped with AMD processors in the future. This is the workstation of the French connected to the Internet, on the example with Blender rendered and at the same time the office is heated. To date, companies from the areas of 3D rendering and finance have been focusing on the Q.rad systems, such as BNP Paribas – one of the largest banks in Europe. The Ryzen Pro-based Q.rad with 1,500 CPUs are to be installed in a social housing construction in Bordeaux.

According to Qarnot, a Q.rad can heat up to 250 square feet, which corresponds to approximately 23 square meters. Each system integrates three CPUs, using Ryzen Pro 1700X with eight cores. The system is supposed to have around 500 watts of thermal power loss – in view of the installed components this is realistic. Cooling is logically passive.
More power than with Intel chips
Each Q.rad is connected to the outside world via Gigabit Ethernet, since the 27 kg computers are used as cloud nodes. In addition, WLAN is available for mobile devices, which can be recharged wirelessly. The systems have a large number of sensors and are supplied with an app control. Since Qarnot also supports projects such as BOINC, there should always be enough heat load to heat generation.

Reasons for the change to Ryzen Pro calls Qarnot several: The chips are at the same thermal loss performance in Blender between 35 and 45 percent faster than the previously installed Intel chips. The specification of 4 GHz points to the older Core i7-6700K of the summer 2015. Also interesting is the TSME (Transparent Secure Memory Encryption – see PDF), which encrypts the working memory and the remote maintenance interface Dash (desktop and mobile architecture for system hardware).


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