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Qantas: flights between London and Sydney are planned by 2022

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Gadgets

Qantas wants to take one of the last hurdles of civil aviation, as the head of airline Bloomberg said. The Australian airline wants to allow flights from Sydney to London and of course back to the year 2022. A real last hurdle is not, however, since the route from London to Auckland in New Zealand is even more demanding. In addition to London, Qantas also thinks of a direct connection to Paris or a German city.

Both commercial aviation is not yet possible. Aircraft with the corresponding range were not created yet despite enormous efforts and efficiency improvements. Only isolated trial attempts are made in the area, which sometimes benefited from favorable wind conditions.
Qantas wants to find a way with the industry, which allows direct flights at least from Sydney out. Qantas wants to try with the upcoming Boeing 777X, which would however still be modified. In addition to London, other European cities could be reached. Qantas himself already has experience with the Ultralang range. For example, the company operates flights to Dallas and Los Angeles across the Pacific. In the future, Airbus' new A350-900ULR will enable at least 20-hour flights for Qantas. In principle, the two manufacturers Airbus and Boeing together with Qantas have only to get a few percent more flight time. However, the fact that the ULR market is a small niche is difficult. Also because the prices for tickets are not cheap.
No more missed connection
As an advantage, Qantas calls a time-saving of about 4 hours. In addition, nothing can go wrong with the connecting flight. The argument of better sleeping during the long flight should apply however only for the business class.

Another problem with the Ultralang range is the cost-effectiveness. A single crew, for example, is not enough and the crew rest area of ​​the aircraft must provide adequate space. In order to save weight, the airplanes are also not so narrowly furnished and without paying business travelers in business class, financing becomes difficult. Classic holiday destinations are so difficult to connect.
However, the economy has greatly improved with new types of aircraft in recent years that it is worthwhile itself with a small aircraft such as the Dreamliner (B787). United and Singapore Airlines fly roughly the route San Francisco – Singapore with a Dreamliner or A350. For United, this is the first ULR connection. The flight takes around 17 hours. Similarly, the routes from Qatar Airways and Emirates, from Doha and Dubai to Auckland. Qatar flies with a B777-200LR and Emirates even with an A380.
The longest ultralanguage stretch from Newark to Singapore with almost 19 hours of flight time will soon be given with the introduction of the A350-900ULR. Singapore Airlines flew the route earlier with the quite special and rare A340-500. The direct connection was also discontinued. At the moment, the route is being served with an intermediate landing in Frankfurt am Main.
Should Qantas' plans succeed, the track will be replaced as a record. However, a 20-hour flight time is a must. This is expected to be more comfortable for the passengers, but this will come automatically when the weight has to be reduced. More space per passenger also considerably reduces the takeoff weight.


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