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Putin calls for "healthy human understanding" by Trump

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | World News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the US not to be provoked by North Korea. Previously, the US had announced "the greatest possible sanctions" after North Korea's new nuclear test. This should include an oil embargo.

But whether the Security Council is involved is unclear. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, was critical. "Everything that happens at the moment is, of course, a provocation", said Putin in Vladivostok in the Far East. The North Korean leadership is not stupid: it reckons on a certain reaction and also manages it. "Why are they doing this?" The Kremlin asked in the direction of Washington.

At the Far Eastern Economic Forum, Putin again called for a negotiating solution for the dispute over North Korea's nuclear armament. The US wants to react to a new nuclear test with stricter sanctions.

US President Donald Trump calls for new sanctions against North Korea. (Source: dpa)

Putin said he hoped that the US would also be interested in easing the situation in North East Asia. With a healthy human understanding on all sides the problem could be solved, he said. South Korean President Moon Jae In also called for a peaceful solution, but demanded stricter sanctions.

No oil for North Korea
In response to the North Korea nuclear test, which has been condemned all over the world, Washington intends to emigrate the communist country with an oil embargo and freeze the assets of the ruling Kim Jong Un. This is the result of a resolution that the US presented to the United Nations. A vote is currently scheduled for Monday. However, the date can still be postponed. There was no comment on the draft by the other members of the Security Council.

All UN members are to ban the "direct or indirect supply (North Korea), sale or transfer of crude oil, condensates, refined petroleum products and gas". In addition, North Korea should be prevented from exporting textiles. In addition, it is to be forbidden to hire North Korean workers abroad, which gives the isolated country important foreign exchange. Several people, including Kim Jong Un, should also be booked with a travel ban.

The draft was submitted to the other members of the Security Council. The US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, had previously threatened "the greatest possible sanctions". The US accuses Kim Jong Un of trying to provoke a war. According to his own data, North Korea has tested a hydrogen bomb on Sunday to equip a long range missile. It was the sixth and largest nuclear test in North Korea since 2006.

China wants negotiations
The Chinese state and party leader Xi Jinping urged a peaceful resolution of the conflict in a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump. China "insists" that the nuclear issue is solved by negotiations, the official news agency Xinhua gave the president. Dialogue "combined with a package of comprehensive measures" is the best way for a long-term solution. There must be a peaceful settlement.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Labor Party of Korea (WPK). (Source: – / KRT via AP video / dpa)

Trump said after the phone call that a military solution was "certainly not our first choice". "But we'll see what happens." He described the conversation with Xi as very frank and very strong. They agreed on 100% in North Korea. Referring to North Korea's rocket and nuclear program, Trump said, "He (Xi) does not want that to happen." Trump said, "President Xi would like to do something, we'll see if he can do it or not."

It was only at the beginning of August that the Security Council imposed the most stringent sanctions, including bans on exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead, fish and seafood. This is expected to hit a third of North Korean exports to the tune of three billion US dollars.

South Korea is setting up
Despite the threat from North Korea, South Korea continues to resist the establishment of a missile defense system. Hundreds of demonstrators have attempted to block access to the system's base in the eastern province of North Gyeongsangzu, South Korean broadcasters reported on Thursday. Some 8,000 policemen were deployed to clear the streets. In the case of clashes, dozens of people were injured.

South Korean soldiers salute near the North Korean border in Paju (South Korea) during a military maneuver. (Source: dpa)

According to the Ministry of Defense, four other rocket launchers of the THAAD system were successfully installed on the base despite the protests. The "provisional" list is part of the measures to protect the South Koreans better against the "threats from North Korean missiles". The stationing is based on an agreement between Seoul and Washington. Resistance does not only affect the population, but also in Beijing and Moscow, which see their security interests threatened by the new defense system.

In the face of North Korea's more violent threats, the Australian government is considering securing security for its citizens from the Korean peninsula and the region. All Australians in South Korea, Japan and China should register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since the danger of war is currently the largest since the Korean war more than 60 years ago, said the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull the channel 9 channel in South Korea, Japan and China there are an estimated 200,000 Australians.

North Korea is also one of the topics at the meeting of foreign ministers and defense ministers of the EU states, which meet on Thursday to talks in the Estonian capital Tallinn.


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