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Prospectus – Investors Fear Interest Prospects from US Banknote Bank News

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | Economy

"The upcoming meeting of the Fed's Open Market Committee is another important milestone in the normalization of American monetary policy," emphasized Commerzbank analyst Bernd Weidensteiner.
Fed chief Janet Yellen will probably give the starting shot for the dismantling of the billion-heavy securities stocks of her house on Wednesday. "More important, however, are references to further interest rate policy," added Weidensteiner. Yellen can catch those on the wrong foot, which do not expect a further interest rate increase before the end of the year. Investors are currently estimating the likelihood of such a step at just over 50 percent. Although he goes further from an increase in December, Carsten Klude of the banking house MM Warburg said. "However, the assumption of three rate hikes postulated so far by the US bank could be too optimistic in 2018."
Economic data in view
With a new rocket test, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un called the investors back to the end of the week. Bigger price repercussions remained initially however out. "One can not help but feel that this so-called shadow box between North Korea and the rest of the world leads in the end to a misjudgment on either side," warned Michael Hewson of the brokerage house CMC Markets. In the past few days, the North Korean crisis on the stock exchanges has moved somewhat into the background. This helped the SMI to gain price gains. He closed the past week with a plus of 1.3 percent at 9028 points.
A new wave of economic data will also keep investors on track in the new week. In Germany, on Tuesday, the ZEW index is on the agenda, which reflects the sentiment of the exchange professionals. There are also barometers of European purchasing managers (Friday) and European consumers (Thursday). Experts expect a slight decline. From the USA, the start of construction (Tuesday) is among other things. The floods caused by the cyclone "Harvey" are likely to have a negative impact here, analysts predicted. Because of the hurricane "Irma" for the time being also no improvement in sight.
German Bundestag election casts only small shadows ahead
With Burkhalter, BVZ (both Monday), Crealogix (Tuesday) and Groupe Minoteries (Wednesday), only companies from smaller listed companies are from Switzerland. The new weighting in the SMI could provide for a slight movement on Monday (see also article on this). On Wednesday the new Federal Council will be elected.
The Bundestag elections in Germany on September 24th already cast their shadow ahead – but only a small one. For Börsians do not expect a drastic change of policy in either a re-election of Chancellor Angela Merkel nor a victory of the SPD under challenger Martin Schulz.
(Cash / Reuters)


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