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Prospect Stock Exchanges – Transition Week for Stock Markets News

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | Economy

According to Mario Draghi, Janet Yellen is "The next week is a kind of transition week between the ECB and the Fed meeting," says Robert Greil, chief strategist of Merck Finck. Share buyers are therefore likely to keep their feet still.
In addition, the North Korean crisis keeps the stock exchanges in the air. On the occasion of the anniversary of the state founding in Pyongyang on Saturday, further rocket tests are feared. For Monday, the US has requested a vote in the UN Security Council on new sanctions against the communist country.
In the past week, the Swiss Market Index lost 0.3 percent, the Dow Jones lost 0.9 percent. The Japanese Nikkei lost 1.8 percent.
"After a period of carelessness, geopolitical risks have returned to investors' eyes and are likely to lead to more volatile financial markets," said Ann-Katrin Petersen of Allianz Global Investors. "If the situation around North Korea does not escalate further, however, this hopes that the investors will pass on to their daily routine as usual and that September 2017 will therefore be better than its reputation," says LBBW strategist Uwe Streich.
Fluctuations in the price could also lead to a large decline in the futures on Friday. In the so-called "Hexensabbat" investors often try to move the courses in a favorable direction for them. This is because three types of assets fall into the category: the options on individual stocks, the options on indices, and the futures contracts on indices.
Strong dollar
The weak dollar is also a source of concern to the stock exchange. It increases the price of goods outside the euro area and makes Swiss companies less competitive. It is true that ECB President Draghi made it clear that concerns about the strength of the euro have grown in the ECB. Investors, however, concentrated on the friendly economic scenario.
From the point of view of Commerzbank, the disappointing hopes of the "makers" Trump are the driving force for the high-altitude flight. "The dollar should therefore only increase once the Fed sends clear interest rate hikes," it says. However, the central bankers around CEO Yellen will not meet until the next week, on September 20th.
The Bank of England will decide this on Thursday. Experts expect that the few advocates of an interest rate increase will not be able to contend with the majority of followers of the status quo. The key rate for the provision of money to the commercial banks should thus remain at the historically low level of 0.25 per cent.
Consumer prices rising in the US?
At the Konjunkturagenda, there are only a few highlights in the new week. However, in August data from America first effects of Hurricane "Harvey" could be visible. Because a considerable part of the US refineries are located in the affected US state of Texas, the fuel price jumped up. "And this in a time of the year when the price falls," emphasizes Commerzbank.
Accordingly, consumer prices are expected to rise on Thursday as compared to the previous month. A hardship for the US economy could also be hurricane "Irma", which winds up to 260 km / h on Florida. In the Caribbean he left a trail of devastation.
On Friday there are US retail sales. Industrial production figures for the euro zone are on Wednesday, one day later, China is on the way.
View of the IAA
On the stock market Autowerte could be the focus, because with the officially starting on Thursday IAA in Frankfurt is an important industry show into the house. The theme of Air Berlin remains a constant one. Bids can be submitted until Friday. Lufthansa is currently regarded as the most promising bidder. But also Easyjet, the Condor as well as the Berlin logistics company Zeitfracht look at the insolvent airline.
In the US, investors could turn above all into the telecom and utilities sector. The often particularly high dividends are in great demand in times of great uncertainty, experts said.
(Reuters / cash.ch)


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