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Project Honululu: GUI Tools Unify Operation of Windows Server

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

An idea is not quite: In a blog entry, Microsoft gives a first insight into the software Project Honululu. Behind this name is a graphical user interface (GUI) for Microsoft's Windows Server operating system. It has been developed in collaboration with customers and as an alternative to existing tools like Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

    Dashboard in the style of Windows 10. (Picture: Microsoft)

According to Windows server administrators, the command line Powershell is usually not enough to use all the functions of the operating system. Therefore, Windows Server depends on GUI tools. Project Honululu is to bring a standardized GUI, through which a server can be controlled.
Little information available so far
Not much has yet been revealed about Project Honululu. However, the first screenshots show an overview of the software with information about CPU and memory utilization as well as general computer information, similar to the Windows Task Manager. On the left, there are menu items for registry entries, local user groups, and running services.

    Watching virtual machines (Image: Microsoft)

It is noticeable that the software appears to be running in the Microsoft Edge browser. It will probably access the desired server remotely. The GUI design is reminiscent of the Windows 10 GUI system settings.

A feature Microsoft has already announced: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Management will be part of Project Honululu. This subsoftware can be used to manage Hyper-V clusters, virtual machines, and drives. A first screenshot shows a dashboard with information about network connectivity, memory requirements, and the status of virtual machines. The tool also displays error messages from drives.
A first developer preview of Project Honululu is scheduled to be released at the Microsoft Ignite exhibition on September 25th. Then IT administrators can take a picture of it.


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