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Process for death of Sqeezer singers begins

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | World News

Jim Reeves was a successful musician of the 90s. However, he died painfully in a Berlin hostel. Traces lead to two men, with whom he shared a six-bed room. Now a trial of murder begins. A suspected motive: hatred for gays.

In a hostel in Berlin in February 2016 it is a disastrous meeting. The musician Jim Reeves is tormented and killed in a six-bed room. About one and a half years later, on Wednesday (9.30 clock), the trial of murder begins – two men aged 23 and 30 are accused. They are said to have cruelly killed the 47-year-old singer and music producer for low motives.

January 2016 in Hostel found
Reeves, who had succeeded with his band Sqeezer in the 90s with blond dyed bangs, had checked in at a hostel in the district of Charlottenburg in January 2016. Before that, he was supposed to have lived with his life companion in Berlin. In the hostel he slept in a six-bed room, where he was supposed to have met the alleged murderers. His body was discovered in the room on the morning of February 1,

According to the investigation and the result of the autopsy, Reeves was tortured at night – raped, among other things, with an elongated object. The musician died painfully from internal injuries. Such massive cruelty is seldom experienced, it was said from the judiciary to the case. The prosecutor assumes that the alleged perpetrators have acted out of a homophobic motive. The defendants claimed that they had been disturbed by an alleged mishap.

Search for the suspects
About two weeks after the crime, the police took one of the two Polish suspects in Poland, both of whom were supposed to be on the road as a construction worker in Berlin. After serving a prison sentence in his homeland for other offenses, he was delivered to Germany in the spring of 2017, it says.

 After the second alleged offender was searched longer. Finally, Fahnder captured the 30-year-old in the Spanish Lleida west of Barcelona. When he was arrested, the suspect, according to the police, had strong resistance. At that time he had two fake badges, an electric shock, three mobile phones and 7,000 euros of cash.

Two sisters from Reeves, who also worked as a model, actor and presenter, will participate in the trial before a court of jury, according to a court spokeswoman. Ten days are scheduled for the trial.


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