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Probably Rising: First Regeneration in Singapore?

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

16 September 2017 – 8:31 pm
Whilst the teams and riders set themselves on a hot race day with lots of drinks, it could also be wet from the top for the first time

Is the sky above Singapore still ready for surprise?


(cafetheology.org) – Since 2008 Formula One has been running in Singapore – a city in Southeast Asia with a tropical climate and almost every day rainfall. How is it that there was not a single rain-raining under floodlight? Probably it was luck and a little because of the fact that the monsoon season is only beginning in October. But this Sunday it could be so far. On the radar, several rainfields are approaching. Reckoning probabilities between 30 and 70 percent ghost through the predictions. However, the teams and drivers can not expect a cooling. At the start of the race at 8:00 pm local time (2:00 PM CEST), the smog over the metropolis keeps the temperature at least 26 degrees. However, the same smog could also keep the rain clouds away from the track. If Peter is opening the locks, only a slight rainfall can be expected. Struggling thunderstorms are expected to take place at noon. The riders, who also stay in the Far East during the European period, are just getting up and have to prepare for the day's efforts. "It's strange," says Ricciardo. "We come from the perhaps physically easiest track in Monza to the most strenuous in Singapore and Malaysia." The Red Bull pilot still has problems with staying hydrated: "On Friday I had the feeling of running around the whole day with a fake in my hand – and yet I did not have to go to the bathroom "I like the Finnish culture and have put in a few saunas more, maybe that's the trick to get used to the weather." "Whether you're training a lot or not, you just sweat a lot, "emphasizes Max Verstappen. His plan for the long race, under which concentration can also suffer: "When I go into the lead I just brake off and we drive home comfortably."



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