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Private submarine sinks off the coast of Denmark

Friday, August 11th, 2017 | World News

A private submarine has set off from the coast of the Danish capital Copenhagen. The owner and inventor of the boat, Peder Madsen, was saved before the ship sank. This was announced by the Danish Navy on Friday. A Swedish reporter, who was temporarily on board, was reported missing.

Peter Madsen, who had built the 40 ton and nearly 18 meter long "UC3 Nautilus", said he had dismissed the Swede on Thursday evening. The friend of the reporter reported on Friday that she had not returned home. It was unclear when and how she disappeared.

Madsen (46) told the Danish television station TV2 that the submarine had sunk after an initially smaller problem with a ballast tank had suddenly worsened dramatically. Madsen: "I'm fine, but I'm sad that the 'Nautilus' has perished."

Rescue team with helicopters and three ships
The navy looked for two helicopters and three ships from Copenhagen to the Baltic Sea, more than 100 kilometers away. The rescue team had taken the search in the night on Friday after the ship had not returned as planned to Copenhagen.

The rescuers found the submarine at the late Friday morning in the K√łge Bugt south of Copenhagen. The "UC3 Nautilus" was funded by Crowdfunding and released in 2008. It is considered the largest privately built submarine in the world.


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