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Print on Facebook grows in the US

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | World News

09.09.2017, 20:40 clock
   | Craig Silverman, Daniel Drepper (BuzzFeed News), cafetheology.org
 Facebook gets political pressure to reveal more about its internals. Shortly before it was announced that Russian Fake accounts on the social network for 100,000 dollars propaganda ads to the US election switched. Activists and scholars fear: Facebook's broad reach and the lack of transparency about the advertised ads endanger the democratic discourse.

Ad-hoc ads, especially targeted at individual groups, could be used as weapons against liberal democracies, "said Alex Howard, deputy director of the Sunlight Foundation, a US-American transparency organization. The advertisements are therefore dangerous because they do not have the same visibility and publicity as advertisements on the radio, on television or in newspapers. "This allows the traditional representatives of democracy – the press, the authorities and other institutions – to understand who is behind political campaigns."

New policies for social media platforms?
Facebook and other major tech companies have been able to largely escape legal regulations in the US, despite their important social role. But the fear that foreign organizations or other parties could manipulate political advertising are likely to make the demands for control louder.

What effect do Dard Ads have in the election campaign "Dark Ads" are advertisements in social networks that only very specific people get to see. Together with BuzzFeed Germany, we are launching a transparency project to examine their impact in the Bundestag election campaign. And we need your help!

To the action: http://www.cafetheology.org/nachrichten/deutschland/bundestagswahl/id_81891590/-dark-ads-entlarven-sie-den-geheim-wahlkampf-der-parteien-.htmlPosted by cafetheology.org on Friday, August 18, 2017

Senator Mark Warner, one of the leading democratic politicians in the US, announced that there might soon be new guidelines for social media platforms that spread political messages. "Americans can see what advertising is shown on the TV, but there is no provision in the social media," said Warner, according to CNN.

 Expert: "Transparency and Disclosure in the Public Interest"
"This can now be done in two different ways," says expert Howard. "Either way, these tech companies show us that they understand that transparency and disclosure are in the public interest and voluntarily publish, or the government responds, and traditionally bad laws."

The focus of the critics and political investigators is the use of so-called DarkAds by Russian trolls as well as political campaigns and organizations targeting certain Americans because of their place of residence, their interests or other data. The Trump election campaign has invested tens of millions of dollars in such special Facebook ads. Election campaign advisors have publicly asserted that this was one of the important factors for the electoral victory Trumps.

You want to learn more about the digital campaign?
Even for such advertisements to be noticed in Germany, cafetheology.org, BuzzFeed News and WhoTargetsMe are investigating advertisements by parties that are specifically tailored to specific user groups. Can help Facebook users with just a few clicks: Extensions for Chrome and Firefox allow to read the ads on Facebook and analyze which party switches which ads for which target group.

Here you can download the Chrome extension.

Here you can download the Firefox extension.

The more people install the extensions, the more ads are read out. So that the election campaign becomes more transparent for all.


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