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Primary insurer – Bâloise share with new multi-year courses News

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Economy

The half-year profit of Bâloise is recovering strongly after the traditional insurance group had to deal with post-reservation in the previous year. However, the winners' recovery is more pronounced than expected by the analysts. For this reason, not only does the penny ring exceed the consensus estimates attributable to the shareholders, but also the equity estimates.
This in turn is well received by investors. On the Swiss stock exchange SIX the Bâloise share at the hour is also 5.8 percent to 158.30 francs. Previously, it rose to 159.60 francs even to new multi-year highs.
The half-year report shows a good development, can be read in a comment by the Zürcher Kantonalbank. As the author goes on to say, the very favorable business trend is mainly driven by a strong non-life business but also by a good life insurance business.
The analyst also describes the equity situation as very solid. The fact that for the first time concrete figures on the SST ratio are made, he considers positive. On the basis of its price above the book value, it continues to classify the Bâloise share only with "market weights".
Milestone in the key market Germany
According to UBS Investmentbank, his professional colleague, the half-year profit surpassed the market expectations by 13 percent. The strong combined ratio in the non-life business is attributable both to lower losses and to reserve reserves.
The analyst is obviously pleased with the progress made in Germany. The combined ratio in the northern neighbor country fell for the first time again to under 100 per cent, which equals a milestone, according to the verdict.
In the case of the Swiss bank, the share is still recommended for purchase with a 12-month price target of CHF 160.
A little more cautious is the judgment of the expert working for Julius Baer. This is a bit of the rather moderate result quality.
Intact dividend prospects
"Bank Vontobel" is a good start to the year. The analyst, working for the Zurich bank, welcomes the strong technical result in the non-life segment, the favorable financial market contribution and the significantly lower negative interest rate effects in the life insurance segment.
In his opinion, the dividend look for Bâloise is a good idea based on a strong cash generation and a solid balance sheet. The expert expects a dividend of CHF 5.50 per share for 2017, which corresponds to a return of 3.7 per cent. It reaffirms the "investment" denomination and announces the price target at CHF 152.


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