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Prequel of Life is Strange in the Shortest: Rocker and Rededuelle

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Gadgets

Previously, Chloe was almost like a straber. In the school she has even been enthusiastic about science subjects – until the thing happened with her dad. Since the accident, she is no longer doing well, and we notice this at the beginning of Before the Storm. There we go to Chloe a rock concert, tipping the first bottle of beer, begging the local Kleindealer and attach ourselves with two half marks.

No wonder the 16 year old the next day wakes up with a cat and a blue eye. Chloe Price is the main character in Before the Storm, but fans of the episodes adventure Life is Strange have known her for some time. In the 2015 (but three years later settled) program was about the student Maxine Caulfield – and her best friend was Chloe. Previous knowledge is not necessary at least for the first episode.
Right in the first of three episodes, we are again in the well-known place Arcadia Bay on the road and visit again the Blackwell Academy. The city and school look like the predecessor – which is a bit funny, because Unreal Engine 4 was used and Before the Storm was based on Unity.
The gameplay has not changed. We chat with Chloe all usable items and chat with all the accessible figures to gradually progress in the action. The whole is elaborately staged with camera moves and changes, there are successful surprises and beautiful character drawings.

    In a word duel, Chloe has to "convince" the doorman. (Screenshot: Golem / Picture: Square Enix)

Especially the misery of Chloe we find interesting: Is she really rattling with her mother and her new friend because they are so impossible? Or are the two actually quite okay, and only Chloe would not like her from mourning for her father? In Before the Storm this is very credible.

Classic game elements, on the other hand, are even less so than in the first Life is Strange. Especially the time travel ability of Max was deleted. A small substitute with a minimal approach of interactivity are words with which Chloe has to select the appropriate answers from a menu under time pressure in order to bring her either to a particular action or to finally drive her to the white heat.
A studio called Deck Nine Games was responsible for the development of Before the Storm. The French team Dontnod Entertainment, of which Life is Strange, is among other things with the work on the continuation, with the focus on Maxine. There is no information on this title yet. Before the Storm consists of three episodes, each of which has a volume of three hours.
Platform: Windows PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 (each 17 Euro for all three episodes). There are still no dates for episodes 2 and 3. Language: English, German subtitles. USK: from 12 years.
+ Interesting plot with multi-faceted figures
+ Excellent english speakers, well translated subtitles
+ Easy control
+ Beautiful camera cuts, appealing staging
+ Handles elements from the first Life is Strange
– hardly classic game elements
– extremely linear, hardly own discoveries possible
– Graphics good, but partly very artificial


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