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Politics Switzerland – CVP plans Volksinitiative against rising health insurance premiums News

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Economy

The Swiss health system, which costs 30 billion Swiss francs per year, is suffering from systematic deficiencies and dozens of false incidents, Pfister criticized according to speech at the summer part-session of the CVP on Saturday in Geneva. Since the introduction of the Health Insurance Act (KVG) in 1996, the health costs had more than doubled, while the nominal salaries had only increased by 20 percent. The Swiss middle class simply can not afford to do this anymore.
The pain threshold was exceeded especially for middle-class families. They would have to spend more and more income on the premiums of compulsory health insurance, without taking advantage of premium reductions. The cost spiral upwards must therefore be broken.
Pfister pointed out that the Federal Office of Health has determined that 20 percent or six billion of the 30 billion health care costs are spent without any direct benefit. These unnecessary costs could be saved without affecting quality.
Advance to introduce cost brake
According to Pfister, the CVP has submitted a proposal in the National and the Council of States to introduce a cost reduction in the health care system so that premium growth can be halted – in the same way as the debt brake in the federal financial sector. Associated with this is the order to go to the search for the superfluous 20 percent of the costs in the health system and then eradicate them. This is the only way to save money while maintaining the same quality and relieving the family, "said Pfister.
The delegates should give a mandate to the split committee with a resolution to launch a national initiative if it is not to be decided in the coming months that would lower health care costs in the short term.
On Saturday, the party members also issued new guidelines. The CVP is committed to a sovereign, free, cosmopolitan and secure Switzerland. It sees itself as a party which holds Switzerland together.
Man and not profit maximization in the center
With the reform project, the CVP is on a good path, said Federal President Doris Leuthard. At the core of the policy of the CVP should never be the maximization of profit, but always man.
Party President Pfister said that the new guidelines were not a revolution but an evolution. The way to a successful CVP is long, not necessarily easy, but worthwhile and necessary.
The CVP had good to very good results in 2017 in the cantonal elections in Solothurn, Neuchâtel, Valais and Vaud. Now it is necessary to make the compass that this will also be the case in the coming national elections, Pfister said.


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