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Politics – Northkorea "Pink Lady" and their enthusiasm for bombs News

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | Economy

The North Korean newsreader Ri Chun Hee also enthusiastically announces the sixth atomic test of her country: With a loud, loud voice, resolute nods and a traditional pink-colored garb, the 74-year-old grandmother explains Nordkorea's test of a hydrogen bomb to "full success". Ri is now a national hero in the isolated country almost 50 years after her first TV appearance in 1971 (on the Youtube video)
Her dramatic behavior distinguishes the former actress from all other announcers – whether she is angry at the West, praises the merits of the North Korean leadership, or the strength of the communist leaders.
"She is the perfect person to embody North Korea's hard stance," says Ahn Chan Il, a North Korean deserter who now lives in South Korea. "No one has such a force in the voice as her. Her timbre is just right to talk about nuclear weapons or missiles." In previous appearances Ri showed however also a gentler side. Legendary as she cried in front of running cameras, when she announced in 1994 the death of North Korea's founder Kim Il Sung. When Kim Jong Il's son Kim Jong Il died in 2011, Ri was again given the news to the North Korean people, wearing black mourning and a trembling voice.
"When something important happens, she speaks to us"
A year later the announcer officially retired. For special occasions, however, she returns to the TV screen to this day. In a time when Kim Jong Un has already rid himself of many party and military officials from his father's era, their fame proves to be astonishingly long-lasting.
Outside the country, the "Pink Lady" has long been a familiar face of the Communist leadership during the recent crisis of North Korea's rearmament. "I know exactly when something important happens, she says to us," said Sakota Masashi from Tokyo. The banker Matt Walker in Sydney describes Ris's appearance in the Sunday news as "very enthusiastic and expressive". "I do not know how to explode like this for explosive bombs, and it's quite strange to me," he says.
Instead of retirement, Ri still has a mission, as she said in 2012, in a rare interview with the state-owned Chinese TV channel CCTV: "They want to help educate the next generation of North Korean newsreaders who are younger and better suited to today's television," she said.


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