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Politics – North Korea aspires «balance of power» with USA | News

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | Economy

North Korea 's nuclear power needs to be completed, quoted the state media Kim. Previously, the UN Security Council had condemned a new test of a medium-range missile as a provocation. The US made it clear that they were open to military intervention. President Donald Trump warned on Sunday that the punishments imposed against North Korea should be implemented more thoroughly and the pressure on the leadership in Pyongyang to be increased.
On Sunday, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) also called for diplomatic talks to relax the North Korean conflict. A "combination of clear attitude and also sanctions and at the same time diplomatic offers" is necessary, "said the SPD politician in Beijing. It is necessary that the USA, Russia and China work together. "Without the cooperation of the three, we will not solve the problems".
UN Security Council condemns rocket testing
The UN Security Council condemned the last rocket test on Friday, but at a meeting in New York for the time being agreed on no further steps. It was only on Monday that the most important UN body expanded the sanctions against North Korea because of its nuclear tests on 3 September. These now include a capping of oil supplies to the country and a ban on textile exports.
The US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said: "At this point, the Security Council can not do much more if 90 per cent of the trade and 30 per cent of the oil (imports) have already been shortened." She has no problem with passing the case to Secretary of Defense James Mattis, because he has a lot of options.
According to the new sanctions decision, North Korea again shot a HWA-12-12 missile across the north of Japan to the Pacific Ocean on Friday. It flew to South Korean records 3,700 kilometers – as far as no previous test of a military rocket by North Korea.
Kim personally observed the test from a command center, the North Korean media reported. The maneuver should contain "the war-gloom of the United States". Aimed at a "balance of forces" between North Korea and the US to take the military option to the US leadership, Kim was quoted.
Kim then praised the nuclear technicians and the military. "We must show the Great Chauvinists how our state, in spite of endless sanctions and blockades, reaches its goal of completing nuclear forces." At the same time, Kim suggested to continue the weapon tests.
The conflict has been heating up for months
The conflict has been heating up for months. "There is the military option," stressed the National Security Adviser Herbert Raymond McMaster in Washington. However, this option is not the preferred one. The US approached the end of the possibilities in the area of ​​sanctions and diplomacy.
US President Donald Trump and his South Korean office colleague Moon Jae In also called for a "more thorough implementation" of the international sanctions against Pyongyang during a Sunday phone call. Both had agreed to a closer cooperation in order to "put more practical pressure" on North Korea, said Moon's office. The goal is that the "North Korean regime realizes that further provocations will mean greater isolation and economic pressure and lead to its collapse."
Trump made fun of the North Korean President Kim Jong Un on Twitter and taunted him as a rocket man: "I phoned President Moon from South Korea last night and I asked him how Rocket Man is. Long queues are forming in front of gas stations in North Korea. What a bad luck! "
I spoke with President of the Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how rocket man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!
– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 17, 2017
Federal Foreign Minister Gabriel warned in China, the example North Korea could make school. "Then other countries in the world will try to get hold of nuclear weapons, and even in our neighborhood, in Africa, states will say, look, you can procure it, the world looks and nothing happens. "


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