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Police find two women, including one missing

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | World News

In Hesse the bodies of two missing women have been found. In one case, a 26-year-old from Heidelberg, who had disappeared for three weeks.

The body of the young woman had been discovered on Friday. The location in the Zwingenberg in Hesse is about 50 kilometers from Heidelberg.

Quarrel with his companion
The 26-year-old had a dispute with her companion before her disappearance. According to a police officer, the 34-year-old is still under investigation. He should have given the dispute. The police did not comment on the possible investigations.

Also on Friday, a man discovered another woman in a forest near M√ľnster in the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg. "It was probably a question of a 47-year-old from Frankfurt-Bockenheim who had been missing since August 20," said a police officer on Saturday. The police were guilty of a crime.

Shortly after the disappearance of the three mother, the investigators publicly searched for a 51-year-old suspect and arrested him a week ago in the French town of Colmar.


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