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Police are looking for high pressure after 22-year-old Moroccan

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 | World News

In Barcelona, ​​a van is rushing into a crowd. There and a further attack in a seaside resort, a total of 14 people were killed and many more injured. The events in the Newsticker.

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The assassin has been killed by a police force in Cambrils. Police are shooting in Cambrils five suspected terrorists. Cambrils arrives at a terrorist cell with 12 members from police, chasing further suspects , Also in France 2:15 pm: Police are looking for Moroccans as possible main offenders
After the attack of Barcelona the police look for a 22-year-old Moroccan. On Saturday, the investigators spread a search photo of the sought-after Younes Abouyaaqoub. According to the Spanish media, it might be the driver of the van that raced in the crowds on Las Ramblas. The police did not confirm this. It was not clear who controlled the vans, the police said.

With this search, the Spanish police are looking for the alleged head of Barcelona, ​​Younes Abouyaaquoub. (Source: AP / dpa)

The terrorist cell also included a Moroccan brothers – 17-year-old Moussa Oukabir, who was shot with four other alleged assassins in Cambrils, and his 27-year-old brother Driss Oukabir, who was arrested in Ripoll. The 17-year-old had initially been named as a possible driver of the van in the attack in Barcelona.

1:30 pm: Minister of the Interior holds terror cell for smash
The Spanish government considers the terrorist cell of Barcelona to be crushed. "The security experts of the country agreed," said Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido. "We can say that the Barcelona cell is totally battered – on the basis of the people who have been killed or who have been arrested, and because of the identifications that have been made," Zoido said.

The investigators are currently investigating a network of twelve suspects. Five of them were killed in Cambrils, four were arrested. Three more have not yet been found. One or two of them might have perished at the explosion in the Alcanar home on Wednesday. The officials suspect that the group was preparing explosives there for an even bigger assassination than that in Barcelona.

13:00 clock: IS claims complaints officially for itself
The Terrormiliz Islamic State (IS) has claimed the attacks in Spain for itself. Several faithful fighters had expelled them into two groups and targeted "cruisers", the IS said in an online statement. So far, the IS confession had only been spread by his Amak language pipe.

#ISIS Issues Formal Communique for #Spain Attacks, Claims Killing & Wounding Over 120 in #Barcelona & #Cambrils https://t.co/TJGKEyRbFb pic.twitter.com/D0fBuKNFbR- SITE Intel Group (@siteintelgroup) August 19, 2017
12:15 clock: Twelve injured still in critical condition
Two days after the Terrorattacke in Spain, 54 people are still being treated in hospitals. 50 injured were in clinics in Barcelona, ​​four in Cambrils, the Catalan emergency services announced on Saturday on Twitter. Twelve patients were in critical condition, 25 more seriously injured.

11:00 am: Police announce "controlled explosions"
In the coastal town of Alcanar the emergency services announced on Saturday "several controlled explosions". In the place, the bomb workshop of the Terrorzelle should have been in a house, which exploded on Wednesday. The authorities said that the population should not be concerned by the controlled explosions.

The explosion in the alleged bomb workshop in Alcanar was so powerful that the neighboring buildings were also affected. (Source: Sofia Cabanes / dpa)

10:50 am: Apartment of Imam searched through
The police searched the house of an Imam in the morning in the city of Ripoll north of Barcelona. The security forces had searched for DNA samples, reported the newspaper "El País", referring to police travel. There was the guess that one of the two bodies that had been found in the apartment destroyed by an explosion in Alcanar could be the Muslim clerics. The terrorist cell is said to have planned the attack on the Boulevard Las Ramblas and the thwarted attack of Cambrils in the apartment. There was an explosion on Wednesday.

10:30 clock: 17-year-old was probably not the death driver
After the terrorist attack with a van in Barcelona, ​​the police have doubted that the previous chief suspect was actually the driver. "It is a possibility, but at this point (…) it loses weight," said the Catalan policeman Josep Lluís Trapero in a television interview. According to the police, 17-year-old Moussa Oukabir, along with four other suspects, had been shot dead on an anti-terrorist mission in Cambrils on Friday, about 100 kilometers south of Barcelona.

There is currently no "sufficient evidence" that Oukabir controlled the vans on the tourist mile of Las Ramblas in passersby. It is also open, as he might have come to Cambrils from Barcelona.

The police are currently investigating a network of twelve suspects. Five of them were killed in Cambrils, four were arrested. Three more have not yet been found. One or two of them might have perished at the explosion in the Alcanar home on Wednesday. The investigators suspect that the group there prepared explosives for an even greater assassination than that in Barcelona.

04:15 clock: Australian boy is missing
After the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​a seven-year-old boy from Australia is missing. The child's mother was seriously injured in the hospital while the family was looking for the boy, the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

"All of us who are parents know the fears that the father and the whole family are going through," said Turnbull. The Philippine authorities said the injured mother was a 43-year-old Filipino who had been living in Australia for several years. She wanted to attend a cousin's wedding ceremony in Barcelona. The wife's British husband was on his way to Barcelona to look for his son. The boy had been separated from his mother during the attack.

01:30 am: Investigators are looking for white Renault
In the context of the attacks in Spain, a vehicle is being sought. As reported by French police officers, the Spanish police reported on Friday to a white Renault Kangoo. He might have crossed the border to France.

Here you will find the announcements of Friday, August 18:
23:30 clock: Terror of Barcelona was only the Plan B
Actually the suspects in the opinion of the investigators planned a much bigger attack. But an unintentional explosion made a dash for them. Read more about the current state of the investigations here.

Police arrest a suspect in Ripoll north of Barcelona. (Source: Francisco Seco / AP / dpa)

22:30 clock: Gabriel sees no reason for warning
Even after the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) considers Spain to be a safe Reiseland. "We are quite sure that Spain is still a rice country where we do not have to issue any warnings," he said during a visit to Barcelona. He also emphasized that "there is no absolute certainty."

His visit to Barcelona can be seen as a demonstration of solidarity with Spain, said Gabriel. "Over 30 nations are affected here with victims, which is directed against the free world, against what we understand by a democratic coexistence," he emphasized. "These are cowardly assassins, evidently propagated by the propaganda of fanatics."

21:45 clock: Two Germans are in danger of life
One day after the attack in Barcelona, ​​two German casualties hover in a lifetime. The doctor of a hospital in Barcelona told Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel during his visit. So far the Foreign Office had only spoken of a woman who was seriously injured.

A middle-aged woman suffered severe head injuries in the attack on a van on Thursday at Barcelona's Las Ramblas district. Their condition is regarded as extremely critical. In addition, a seriously injured teenager is in the intensive care unit.

Two other Germans have suffered fractures and are also considered seriously injured. A total of 13 Germans were injured in the terrorist attack. Some of them were now able to leave the hospitals.

In the hospital, which visited Gabriel, five German injuries were treated. The Minister could speak with one of the more easily injured women.

21:00: Second corpse found in the terrorist house of Alcanar
A second corpse has apparently been found in the house where the alleged terrorist cell is supposed to have prepared the terrorist attack in Barcelona. The Catalan police Mossos d'Esquadra confirmed on Twitter that they had found "biological remains" in the house in the small town of Alcanar south of the town of Tarragona. In the building, there was an explosion on Wednesday with a dead man – possibly a bomb workshop had been found there.

Only ruins remained of the house in the coastal town of Alcanar. (Source: Sofia Cabanes / dpa)

The investigators suspect that the alleged terrorists in the building in the place explosives prepared for an even greater assassination than that of Thursday in Barcelona with 13 dead. But the explosion had prevented this. After the explosion on Wednesday, the mortal remains of a suspected terrorist had been found, who had probably experimented with gas bottles.

8:30 pm: Right and left protesters get together
At the scene of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​there have been clashes between right-wing demonstrators and passers-by. The protesters were in the evening near the mouth of the Rambla Boulevard to Plaça Catalunya. They wore flags with the symbol of the identity movement, with St. George crosses and banners with inscriptions like "Defend Europe" and "Stop Islamization of Europe".

Right-wing demonstrators are arriving at the scene of the attack in Barcelona. (Source: Emilio Morenatti / AP / dpa)

A crowd of people stood up to them and loudly called out "fascists out of our neighborhoods!". Some also chanted "No pasarán" ("They will not get along), the slogan of the Republicans from the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), others holding rainbows.

A left-wing and a right-wing demonstrator scream in Barcelona. (Source: Manu Fernandez / AP / dpa)

Finally, the identities resumed under the triumph of the crowd. "What happened yesterday in Barcelona was an act of hatred, but this is the same hate," said the bank employee, Eduard Sánchez.

The right-wing demonstrators are withdrawing under police protection. (Source: Santi Palacios / AP / dpa)

7:20 pm: Mallorca is building concrete barriers
After the assassination attempt in Barcelona, ​​the holiday island of Mallorca has tightened the security precautions in the capital Palma. Workers had installed concrete barriers in the pedestrian zone of the center, especially at the Plaça de la Porta Pintada, the "Mallorca newspaper" quoted a communication from the city administration. The measures had been ordered by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.

On Plaça d'Espanya and in the shopping street Sant Miquel, heavy flowerpots have been positioned so that no larger vehicle can drive to the popular pedestrian mile. The barriers had already been used at major events like the Dreikönigsumzug or concerts, reported the newspaper "Diario de Mallorca". The security measures should therefore also be tightened at the Playa de Palma, especially at the Schinkenstrasse, the hotspot of the German party tourism.

18:50 clock: Five death victims still not identified
The origin of the 13 deaths of the terrorist attack in Barcelona is still not entirely clear. Five of the victims are still unidentified, said a representative of the Catalan regional government on Friday when Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) arrived in Barcelona. This would not rule out the fact that Germans were among the dead, he added. "It is possible", but so far no one has any knowledge about it.

Passers-by mourn in Barcelona at the place where the vehicle of the assassins came to a halt. (Source: Manu Fernandez / AP / dpa)

18:27 clock: Media – assassin of Barcelona is dead
According to Spanish media reports, the driver of the vans is dead among the five men who were shot by the police in Cambrils.

17.14 clock: Assassins in Cambrils had ax and knife in the car
According to the Spanish police, the assassins of Cambrils, along with dummies of explosive belts, also carried an ax and several knives in their car. In the coastal town some 100 kilometers south of Barcelona, ​​security forces had killed five terrorists on Friday night, which apparently also wanted to attack. During their flight, they passed several passersby, a woman died on Friday as a result of her injuries.

16.44 clock: police advised Barcelona vainly to bollards to protect against car assassinations
The Spanish Ministry of the Interior and the police have warned those responsible in Barcelona months before the danger of a terrorist attack on the Las Ramblas promenade. The city administration was advised to set up bollards at the edges of the boulevard, but did not succeed, the Spanish press reported Friday unanimously. Instead, Stadtoberen decided to reinforce police patrols on the Ramblas.

The recommendation for the laying of bollards was expressed by the Madrid Ministry on the basis of the experience gained during the attacks in Nice and Berlin, where terrorists were loaded with trucks in crowds. According to media reports, the city administration of Barcelona pointed out that it was practically impossible to secure the boulevard completely with bollards, because the road would have to remain open for fire service operations. Mayor Ada Colau was quoted in the newspaper "El País" with the words: "There is no 100 per cent security."

16:27 clock: Three girls from Oberhausen injured in attack
In the terrorist attack in Barcelona with at least 13 deaths, three young people from North Rhine-Westphalia have been seriously injured. The two 17-year-old girls and a 14-year-old had injured themselves on the panic flight from the place of attack on Thursday and were lying in the hospital, said a spokesman of the evangelical church in Oberhausen on Friday. The teenagers, among other things, committed brittle fractures. The injuries are not life-threatening.

16.12 clock: assassin of Barcelona possibly shot in Cambrils
The Barcelona bomber, who had first escaped, was, according to recent evidence from the Catalan police, possibly shot at a police operation in Cambrils. "The investigation goes in this direction, there are several indications, but we have no concrete evidence," said a police officer on Friday before journalists in Barcelona. Three of the five alleged assassins who were shot dead in Cambrils were now identified.

4:00 pm: The attack was probably long prepared
The terrorist attack of Barcelona with at least 13 deaths and possibly further planned attacks have been prepared for some time already according to the police. The Catalan policeman Josep Lluís Trapero said at a press conference on Friday. The investigations now centered on a house in the Catalan small town of Alcanar, where the attacks were presumed to be prepared, he said. In the town, some 160 kilometers south of Barcelona, ​​there was an explosion on Wednesday with a dead person – possibly in a bomb workshop.

15.16 clock: A policeman shot four attackers in Cambrils
A Spanish police officer has almost halted alleged terrorists in the coastal town of Cambrils. The official had shot four of the five men, the Catalan police said on Friday. Only a few hours after an attacker had thrown down on the Ramblas passers-by with a transporter and killed 13 of them, the men in Cambrils were also driven by a car into a crowd on the beach promenade. One woman was killed, five others were injured. The attackers wearing false explosive belts were shot.

15.04 clock: Three arrests are from Morocco
According to the police, three persons arrested in connection with the attacks in Catalonia are from Morocco, one from Spain. The investigators explained that the attacks had been temporarily prepared in Alcanar in the south of Barcelona.

14.19: Fourth arrest for terrorist attacks
In connection with the terrorist attacks in Spain, the police have arrested a fourth suspect. The police said on Friday, without making any further details. Three were already in custody before, after another was wanted.

13.58 Uhr: Students from Lower Saxony experienced an attack in Barcelona
Students from Lower Saxony had to witness the terrorist attack in Barcelona. Young people from the Gymnasium Oesede in Georgsmarienhütte near Osnabrück were on their free time on the boulevard "Las Ramblas" Thursday, the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" (NOZ), referring to the headmaster. When suddenly a truck rushed to the promenade, the students could save themselves in a cafe.

The Landesschulbehörde confirmed that the school group was nearby during the attack. No one had been injured, said spokeswoman Bianca Schöneich. It was only around 10pm, barely five hours after the attack, that the students were back in their hotel, according to the "NOZ" report, because the Metro had stopped the operation and only a few taxis drove.

13.52 clock: Attack balance – 130 injured from 34 countries
In the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, a total of 130 people have been injured, according to the rescue workers. 17 of them hover in a lifetime, 30 others are very seriously injured. According to these figures, the victims of the two assassinations come from 34 countries.

13.18 hrs: Gabriel travels to Barcelona
Not 24 hours after the Islamic terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel travels to the scene. He wanted to get a picture of the situation together with the French Foreign Minister, Yves Le Drian, and to express his solidarity with the victims of the two attacks and with Spain, the minister said.

12:58 clock: Prosecutor of the prosecutor determined after attack
After the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​the General Prosecutor started investigations after Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas (SPD). "With regard to the German victims" an investigation had been initiated, Maas told Twitter on Friday. According to the German Foreign Ministry, 13 Germans were injured in the terrorist attack in Spain, some of them were life-threatening. A van was rushed on the Ramblas in Las Ramblas on Thursday. The judiciary in Belgium and France also took investigations.

12.24: Number of deaths increased to 14
After the terror attack in the Spanish resort town of Cambrils, a woman succumbed to her injuries. The number of death victims in Barcelona and Cambrils thus rose to a total of 14, as the Catalan rescue team announced on Friday on Twitter. During the night, five suspected terrorists were shot dead in Cambrils carrying dummies of explosive belts. On their flight they had crossed several passers-by.

12.20 clock: Three youths from NRW among injured
Among the 13 German casualties, three young people from his state are, according to the minister of the state of NRW, Armin Laschet. They belong to a travel group and are seriously injured, says Laschet in Düsseldorf.

12:01 pm: Users flood Twitter with islam-hostile tweets
After the attack of Barcelona, ​​German-speaking users have flooded the short message service Twitter with a wave of islam- and politician-hostile comments. Under the Hashtag #barcelona, ​​numerous word messages such as those of a "Conan" attacked Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) because of her refugee policy: "Mrs. Merkel's policy of open borders is responsible for these attacks – her condolences are pure hypocrisy."

There were many negative reactions, among others, to a tweet by government spokesman Steffen Seibert and other comments from politicians in which they expressed their condolences and called to not be intimidated. "In deep sadness, firmly on the side, thoughts are at, let us not live … Bla.Bla.Bla." Wrote a user name "Jette" with Germany flag in the profile picture.

11:40 clock: 13 Germans injured in Barcelona attack
In the attack in Barcelona, ​​according to the Federal Government, 13 Germans were injured. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Friday in Berlin that some of them were so badly injured that they were in danger of life. Whether or not there were victims among the German victims is not clear at the moment, but can not be ruled out.

11:27 clock: Assassins of Barcelona and Cambrils belonged to a terror cell
The assassins of Barcelona and Cambrils apparently belonged to a single terror cell. This is reported by the Spanish newspaper "El País" on Friday, citing anti-terrorism experts. According to the data, the cell is composed of twelve persons. The police have so far arrested a total of three suspects. In the night, five terrorists were killed in the coastal town of Cambrils, which wanted to make an assault in the early Friday morning, according to media reports.

11:16 Uhr: Merkel condemns terrorism in Spain
Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned the attack of Barcelona. "Terrorism can give us deep sad hours, but he can never defeat us," she says in Berlin. The representatives of other parties had been arranged for two days of restraint in the election campaign, out of respect for the victims.

11.04 clock: Schulz and Merkel restrict election campaign for Barcelona
After the attack in Barcelona with at least 13 deaths, SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz and Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) restrict their election campaign. Schulz said on Friday in Berlin that he had agreed in the morning in a telephone call with Merkel, "that we restrict our election campaign activities". For example, music should be dispensed with during events. However, deadlines were not planned, according to the SPD.

Schulz said that Merkel and he were "absolutely united" that even in an election campaign, "there is a common will beyond all political divides, to leave the terror no place". All democrats should send a "clear signal of unity" to defend the tolerant and open society, Schulz added. He expressed his interest to the relatives and victims.

10.51 clock: Funeral flag to federal authorities
In the case of German federal authorities, the flags are blowing at half-mast after the terrorist attack in Barcelona. The interior minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) as a sign of the participation, as the ministry announced on Friday on Twitter.

10.36 clock: Search for new chief suspect
According to a newspaper report, the 17-year-old Moussa Oukabir, the younger brother of Driss Oukabir, who had been imprisoned on Thursday, reported the newspaper "El Mundo", citing the security forces. The suspect is supposed to have fled on foot after the death. The minor Moussa, according to the report, had stolen his passport from his brother and hired the van under his name. Driss Oukabir has also confirmed this to the police.

10.22 clock: Merkel and Schulz agree "restraint"
SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz and Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) want to stay with the election campaign because of the attack in Spain on Friday. "These are bitter days, such days are sad moments," said Schulz. With Merkel, he agreed "beyond all political differences," that "one should not let the terror be" and defend the open society.

09:53 clock: EU commission puts flags on terrorist attack at half-mast
In commemoration of the victims of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​the flags have been half-masthed in front of the headquarters of the EU Commission in Brussels. "We are on the side of people in Barcelona and Spain", wrote the team of Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Friday morning.

09:05 clock: explosive belts were dummies
The explosive belts of the terror suspects shot in the city of Cambrils were dummies. This is reported by Spanish media, citing the Catalan Ministry of the Interior.

08:42 clock: Third arrest after terrorist attack in Barcelona
The police arrested a third suspect after the Barcelona terrorist attack in Ripoll, 100 kilometers north of the city. This was reported by the newspaper "El País", citing the Catalan Ministry of the Interior.

7:48 am: Many Frenchmen injured
According to the French Foreign Ministry, 26 French are among the injured. At least eleven of them are in a serious state. France's Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian wanted to travel to Barcelona on Friday to visit the victims.

6:45 am: dead and injured from 24 countries
According to the Catalan regional government, Germans are also among the victims. The people who had been killed or injured came from 24 different countries from France and Germany to Pakistan and the Philippines.

03.33 clock: Controlled explosions
According to the police, the police will carry out several controlled explosions in Cambrils.

03:23 clock: Injured in Cambrils
In Cambrils, six civilians and one policeman have been injured, according to emergency services.

03.18 clock: Connection between stop types
The police have a bomb detonation command in Cambrils. This was to clarify whether the attackers had carried explosive belts, the authorities informed via Twitter. It is believed that there is a link between the assailants who were killed in the police operation in the city and the attack in Barcelona and the explosion in Alcanar.

1:40 pm: People should stay in houses
The police are deployed in the city of Cambrils, south of Barcelona. The authorities said that the case involved a suspected attack by terrorists. The citizens of the city were called to remain in their houses.

00:10 clock: connection to explosion on Wednesday
The terrorist attack in Barcelona is apparently connected with an explosion in a residential building in the village of Alcanar. In the gas explosion in the province of Tarragona about 200 kilometers south, a man had been killed on Wednesday and seven others were injured. There are "clear" connections, according to Polizeichef Trapero. He did not mention further details.

The news from Thursday, August 17:
23:35 clock: Assassin on the run
The death driver of Barcelona is still fleeting. This is confirmed by the Catalan policeman Josep Lluís Trapero. The two men who had been arrested were directly connected with the terrorist attack, but did not drive the car. A suspect, shot dead in a police check, had no connections with the action.

23:34 Clock: Up to 100 injured
23:32 clock: UN sentence stop
UN Secretary-General António Guterres said: "The United Nations is in solidarity with the government of Spain in its fight against terrorism and violent extremism." Guterres expressed his condolences to the relatives and friends of the dead and the Spanish people. The responsible persons would have to be brought to account quickly.

23:19 clock: Eiffelturm unlit
"Tonight I turn off my lights to remind of the victims of the attack in Barcelona," says the official Twitter account of the Parisian site.

Tonight, from 12:45 am, I want to turn my lights off to pay tribute to the victims of the Barcelona attack. #EiffelTower pic.twitter.com/NVtVgAQmE8- La Tour Eiffel (@LaTourEiffel) August 17, 2017
23:11 clock: None of the arrested drove the death car
This is reported by the Catalan police. The two persons, however, have connections to the attack. One of the two was Moroccan, the other from the Spanish exclave Mellila in North Africa.

22:59: Three days of grief in Catalonia
Catalan Prime Minister Carles Puigdemont has expressed a three-day sorrow for Barcelona and the region.

22:30 clock: ZDF – Three Germans among the dead
According to the ZDF "Today Journal", three Germans are among the dead. The transmitter relies on security circuits. The German Foreign Office has informed whether German nationals could be affected, is not yet clear at the present time.

22:01 clock: 15 injured in critical condition
Of the more than 80 injured in the terrorist attack, 15 are in critical condition, 25 are less seriously injured and 42 are slightly injured.

21:57 clock: Putin calls for a joint fight against terror
"The incident once again confirms the necessity that the entire world community must unite in uncompromising struggle against the forces of terror," the Russian President wrote to the Spanish King Felipe VI. "Wir verurteilen entschieden dieses brutale und zynische Verbrechen gegen friedliche Bürger."

21:48 Uhr: Ein Belgier unter Toten
"Wir müssen leider ein belgisches Opfer in Barcelona beklagen", teilte Außenminister Didier Reynders auf Twitter mit. Er sprach Familien und Freunden sein Beileid aus.

21:45 Uhr: Zahl der Verletzten steigt auf über 80
21:32 Uhr: Terrormiliz IS bekennt sich
Die IS-Terrormiliz hat laut ihrem Sprachrohr Amak den Anschlag in Barcelona für sich reklamiert. Einer "der Soldaten des Islamischen Staates" habe die Tat ausgeführt, meldete Amak.

21:19 Uhr: Zweite Festnahme!
Am Abend ist eine zweite Person festgenommen worden. Dies teilte der katalanische Regierungschef Carles Puigdemont mit.

21:15 Uhr: Krisenkabinett tagt
Das Krisenkabinett der katalanischen Metropole tage und werde nach dem Anschlag die nötigen Entscheidungen treffen, erklärte die Polizei auf Twitter

El Gabinet de Crisi està activat per tal de decidir i prendre les mesures oportunes en relació amb els fets de les #Rambles de #Barcelona pic.twitter.com/GWYjQqZ2wt— Mossos (@mossos) August 17, 2017
21:07 Uhr: Papst Franziskus betet für Opfer
Das Oberhaupt der katholischen Kirche sprach den Opfern seine Anteilnahme aus. Papst Franziskus verfolge mit "großer Sorge", was in Barcelona passiere, erklärte Vatikan-Sprecher Greg Burke. "Der Papst betet für die Opfer dieses Attentates und möchte dem ganzen spanischen Volk seine Nähe ausdrücken, besonders den Verletzten und den Familien der Opfer."

20:47 Uhr: Läden und Lokale evakuiert
Auf den Ramblas werden alle Läden und Lokale evakuiert. Die Menschen, die dort seit dem Anschlag ausharrten, werden von Beamten hinausbegleitet, wie die katalanische Polizei auf Twitter mitteilte.

20:41 Uhr: Bericht – ein Angreifer erschossen
Laut den Zeitung "El Mundo" und "La Vanguardia" ist einer der Angreifer bei einer Schießerei mit der Polizei getötet worden. Der Mann sei bei einer Polizeikontrolle geflohen und wurde später in Sant Just Desvern, zehn Kilometer vom Stadtzentrum entfernt, erschossen.

20:32 Uhr: Suche nach weiteren Verdächtigen
Laut der katalanischen Zeitung "La Vanguardia" und dem staatlichen Fernsehen TVE fahndet die Polizei nach zwei weiteren Verdächtigen.

20:28 Uhr: Über 50 Menschen verletzt
Der katalanische Innenminister Joaquim Forn hat nun dreizehn Todesopfer bestätigt. Mehr als 50 Menschen seien verletzt worden.

20:17 Uhr: Polizei: Keine Angreifer verschanzt
Berichte über verschanzte Personen in einer Bar in Barcelona werden von der Polizei dementiert.

20:09 Uhr: Bundesregierung spricht Opfern Beileid aus
Die Bundesregierung hat den Anschlagsopfern in Barcelona ihr Beileid ausgesprochen. "In tiefer Trauer sind wir bei den Opfern des widerwärtigen Anschlags in Barcelona", schrieb Regierungssprecher Steffen Seibert auf Twitter. Deutschland stehe in Solidarität und Freundschaft an der Seite der Spanier.

20:06 Uhr: Terrorverdächtiger festgenommen!
Die katalanische Polizei hat einen Verdächtigen festgenommen. Laut dem staatlichen Fernsehen TVE handelt es sich um einen aus Marseille stammenden Mann.

19:54 Uhr: Stammte Terrorverdächtiger aus Frankreich?
Der Terrorverdächtige Driss El Oukabir stammt laut Angaben in seinen Social-Media-Profilen aus Marseille, wohnte aber in Ripoll in der Provinz Girona in Katalonien. Er hat marokkanische Wurzeln.

19:52 Uhr: Polizei bringt Menschen in Sicherheit
Zahlreiche Menschen hatten nach dem Anschlag in einem Einkaufszentrum nahe der Flaniermeile Las Ramblas Zuflucht gesucht. Im staatlichen Fernsehen TVE war zu sehen, wie Beamte die Menschen aus dem Gebäude geleiteten. Alle öffentlichen Veranstaltungen in dem Gebiet wurden abgesagt.Passanten flüchten in der Innenstadt von Barcelona in eine Seitenstraße. (Quelle: Giannis Papanikos/AP/dpa)

19:45 Uhr: Terrorist wöllte möglichst viele Menschen töten
Ein französischer Tourist erzählte dem Sender BFMTV, das Fahrzeug sei Zickzack gefahren, "um ein Maximum an Fußgängern zu erwischen". "Das ist ein Lieferwagen, der in die Fußgängerstraße gerast ist", sagte Henry, der den Angriff nach eigenen Angaben aus nächster Nähe miterlebte. "Ich bin einfach so nah wie möglich an einen Ort gerannt, wo ich mich schützen konnte." Die Person hinter ihm sei angefahren worden. "Als das Fahrzeug vorbei war, haben wir denen geholfen, die am Boden lagen", sagte der Mann. "Die Polizei hat sehr gut reagiert." Er habe sich später in eine Bar geflüchtet, die zur Sicherheit den Fensterladen heruntergelassen habe.Die Polizei hat eine Zufahrtstraße zur Flaniermeile Las Ramblas weiträumig abgesperrt. (Quelle: Albert Salamé/NOTIMEX/dpa)

19:34 Uhr: Auto rammt Polizeikontrolle
Auf einer Ausfallstraße aus Barcelona soll ein Auto in eine Polizeikontrolle gerast sein und drei Beamte angefahren haben. Ob der Vorfall im Zusammenhang mit dem Anschlag steht, war zunächst unklar.

19:33 Uhr: Deutscher Augenzeuge berichtet
Albert Zeitler, der in Barcelona lebt, sagte zur dpa, in der Innenstadt seien an mehreren Stellen Menschen in Panik umhergelaufen. Er selbst sei auf dem Weg in Richtung der Flaniermeile Las Ramblas gewesen. "Bei den Leuten im Gesicht war Chaos", sagte Zeitler. Die Polizei habe mit Bändern die Straße abgesperrt. Er habe gesehen, dass Einkaufswagen verstreut herumlagen. "Und eine Person lag verletzt oder tot, ich weiß es nicht, auf dem Boden." Die Polizei sei auch fast in Panik gewesen.Passanten rennen in Panik über eine Straße in Barcelona. (Quelle: Oriol Duran/AP/dpa)

19:28 Uhr: Polizei kontrolliert alle Ausfallstraßen
Auf dem wichtigen Autobahnring Las Rondas um die Stadt ist nur noch eine Spur befahrbar.

19:26 Uhr: Außenminister Gabriel entsetzt
Außenminister Sigmar Gabriel hat mit Entsetzen auf den Terroranschlag in Spanien reagiert. "Bin tief erschüttert über Nachrichten aus Barcelona. Unser Mitgefühl gilt den Opfern und ihren Freunden und Angehörigen", teilte der SPD-Politiker via Twitter mit.

AM @sigmargabriel: Bin tief erschüttert über Nachrichten aus #Barcelona. Unser Mitgefühl gilt den Opfern und ihren Freunden und Angehörigen.— Auswärtiges Amt (@AuswaertigesAmt) August 17, 2017
19:17 Uhr: Terrorverdächtiger identifiziert!
Die Polizei hat den Mann identifiziert, der das Anschlagsfahrzeug in Santa Perpetua de la Mogada gemietet haben soll. Er heißt Driss Oukabir.Terrorverdächtiger Driss Oukabir (Quelle: Guardia Civil)

19:15 Uhr: Viele Verletzte schweben in Lebensgefahr
Das berichtete der katalanische Innenminister Joaquim Forn. Insgesamt seien mindestens 32 Verletzte zu beklagen.Sanitäter versorgen eine verletzte Frau. (Quelle: Oriol Duran/AP/dpa)

19:08 Uhr: Angreifer ist bewaffnet und hat Geiseln
Der mutmaßliche Fahrer des Lieferwagens soll sich in einem Restaurant in der Nähe des Tatortes in Barcelonas Stadtzentrum verschanzt haben, schreibt die spanische Zeitung "La Vanguardia". Er sei bewaffnet und befinde sich in dem Lokal "Luna de Istanbul" nahe der Flaniermeile Las Ramblas. Die Sicherheitskräfte haben einen großen Teil der Innenstadt abgesperrt. Ein Aufgebot an Antiterrorkräften sei im Einsatz, um ihn festzunehmen.

19:03 Uhr: Polizei entdeckt gesuchtes Fahrzeug
In Vic, einer Stadt 70 Kilometer von Barcelona entfernt, hat die Polizei einen im Zusammenhang mit dem Anschlag gesuchten Transporter entdeckt.

La segunda furgoneta, localizada en Vic https://t.co/NLS0mm5XUJ pic.twitter.com/hLfiVAWTJi— La Vanguardia (@LaVanguardia) August 17, 2017
18:56 Uhr: Spanischer Pass gefunden
Die Polizei hat laut Medienberichten einen spanischen Pass in dem Anschlagsfahrzeug gefunden.

18:54 Uhr: Zahl der Toten steigt laut der Polizei auf 13!
18:50 Uhr: Polizei verhandelt mit Angreifer
Laut "El Periódico" verhandelt die Polizei mit dem in der Bar verschanzten Angreifer. Er soll Geiseln genommen haben.

18:45 Uhr: Suche nach zwei Verdächtigen
Die Lage nach dem Anschlag in Barcelona bleibt unübersichtlich. Laut AFP fahndet die Polizei nach insgesamt zwei Verdächtigen. Eine Person soll sich in einer Bar verschanzt haben, verlautete demnach aus Polizeikreisen. Zuvor war von zwei Angreifern die Rede, die sich verbarrikadiert hätten.

18:35 Uhr: Erste Angaben zu einem der mutmaßlichen Attentäter
Der Mann sei 1,70 Meter groß und trage ein weißes Hemd mit blauen Streifen, meldete die Polizei.

18:32 Uhr: Auswärtiges Amt warnt Reisende
Das Auswärtige Amt hat seine Sicherheitshinweise für Spanien aktualisiert. Reisenden wird geraten, den Bereich um den Anschlagsort "weiträumig zu meiden, den Anweisungen der Sicherheitskräfte Folge zu leisten und sich über die lokalen Medien zu informieren".Ein Polizist in Barcelona sperrt eine Straße ab. (Quelle: AP Photo/Manu Fernandez/AP/dpa)

18:28 Uhr: Premier spricht Opfern Beileid aus
Spaniens Ministerpräsident Mariano Rajoy hat den Opfern und Angehörigen sein Beileid ausgesprochen. Auf Twitter schrieb er, Priorität habe nun die Versorgung der Verletzten und Unterstützung für die Arbeit der Einsatzkräfte.

En contacto con todas las administraciones. Prioridad: atender heridos en Las Ramblas y facilitar la labor de las Fuerzas de Seguridad. MR— Mariano Rajoy Brey (@marianorajoy) August 17, 2017
18:20 Uhr: Suche nach Lieferwagen
Nach Medienberichten sucht die Polizei nach einem zweiten Lieferwagen, mit dem die Angreifer vom Anschlagsort geflüchtet sein sollen.

18:16 Uhr: Angreifer haben sich in Restaurant verschanzt
Wie "El Pais" berichtet haben sich zwei Personen im Zentrum der Stadt in einer Bar verschanzt.

18:09 Uhr: Fahrer beschleunigte offenbar extra
Gegenüber "El Periódico" sagten Augenzeugen aus, der Fahrer habe beschleunigt, bevor er in die Menschenmenge raste.

18:03 Uhr: Offenbar Geiselnahme in Restaurant
"El Periodico" berichtet von einer Geiselnahme in einer Bar. Mindestens eine bewaffnete Person soll sich mit Geiseln verschanzt haben.

17:56 Uhr: Zeitung berichtet von Schüssen und vielen Verletzten
Die spanische Zeitung "El Periodico" berichtet von Schüssen auf einem Marktplatz in Barcelona. Viele Menschen sollen verletzt sein.

17:50 Uhr: Medien berichten von mindestens zwei Toten
Nach dem Anschlag in Barcelona berichtet die Nachrichtenagentur Reuters unter Berufung auf Medienberichte von Mindestens zwei Todesopfern.

17:48 Uhr: Polizei bestätigt Terroranschlag
Nach Angaben der Polizei handelt es sich bei dem Vorfall in Barcelona um einen Terroranschlag.

17:21 Uhr: Transporter rast in Menschenmenge in Barcelona
In Barcelona ist ein Lieferwagen in eine Menschenmenge gerast. Mehrere Menschen seien verletzt worden, teilte die spanische Polizei am Donnerstag mit.


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