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Poet Lewis Hamilton: Emotional poem for Princess Diana

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Sports

02. September 2017 – 09:38

Lewis Hamilton recalls the death of Princess Diana 20 years ago

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(cafetheology.org) – On August 31, 1997, almost 20 years ago, Princess Diana of Wales died at an Autounfall in Paris. A week later, on September 7th, David Coulthard won the Grand Prix of Italy in Monza with the trauer. Reason enough for Lewis Hamilton to deal with the subject and to remind him of his death on his social media platforms. On Instagram, Hamilton published a video with Diana memories, and a self-written poem: "On the day when we lost the rose of our nation, we had tears wept like in torrents, the earth stood still ", for example, in the English language. When asked by journalists for his" second career "as a poet, Hamilton replied:" I was "I still remember that I was eleven or twelve years old, and I was really close to it. Actually, I was not one, the big one but she was such a heroic woman with such a big heart that the day of her death was very emotional for me. "" Since then, I have not thought of it all too often, but when I saw the photos, thought i ch, I should share that with my fans. "I loved Diana like everyone else in the world, and I think she's gone too far from us. There will never be anyone like you, but she has inspired countless people all over the world. "In addition to the Instagram poem, Hamilton also reminded on Twitter to Diana – with a quotation from the popular Princess:" I'm not going to the rule book. I lead with the heart, not with the mind. "


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