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Planned zero round: Hülkenberg remains without points

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Sports

03. September 2017 – 19:49

Nico Hülkenberg was buried in the midfield in Monza

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(cafetheology.org) – Renault knew that the 2017 Grand Prix in Monza would not be a lousy spot. For this reason, Nico Hulkenberg and Jolyon Palmer accepted penalty places before the race in order to be stronger in the future. Nevertheless, the hope finally died – the dusting of the one or the other point, the Enstone team has already hoped. But after a 13th place by Hülkenberg and a failure by Palmer was clear: for the seventh time, there were twice zero points in 2017. After he had no chances with the PS-disadvantage on the straight line, Nico Hülkenberg remains relatively calm. "It's disappointing not to get any points, but after the penalty we had to swallow we could not prevent it," says the 30-year-old. He said, "As expected, the Pace was not there, there was no topspeed, so it was quite hopeless today." (Result of the Grand Prix of Monza 2017) In addition to the lack of top speed, he was particularly troubled by balancing problems, which were "from the first to the last lap" during the race. In addition, there was the disadvantage of the "Dirty Air", in whose doubtful enjoyment he came most of the race. "I had exactly two free laps in which the car felt better, but then there was traffic again, at least we lost no points against Haas and Toro Rosso – just a few on Williams." The tension rose with the observers once again when Nico Hülkenberg was on Kevin Magnussen. But "Suck my balls" part two stayed out. "There was probably more to the audience through my head than me," laughed Hülkenberg. "I would have liked to attack him, but I did not have the ability to sit next to him with our top speed," the deficit was just too big. "Promising strategy does not reward PalmerJolyon Palmer had fame in his fight with Fernando Alonso not much to laugh. Another failure robbed him of another chance to increase his prospects for a commitment in the Formula 1 season 2018 at Renault. "I had a pretty bad start and unfortunately I slid back to the end of the field," the Briton remembers. "Then I was able to overtake the Sauber and Fernando – quite legitimately (laughs – Red)." I was quite content with the balance of the car. "Palmer tried a" reverse strategy ", a start on the harder soft tires, in order to be able to start a final touchdown on Supersofts. (The tire strategies in the overview) The strategy could have opened completely, but then the five-second penalty for the fight with Alonso him a stroke by the bill. He fell behind the battle group with Hulkenberg, Magnussen, and the two Toro Rossos. With the softer tires, the situation was not hopeless, maybe to make a few more places, but then he had to give up. "I was prepared to start one or the other overtaking maneuver, but then we had a problem, very unfortunate," Palmer comments on the technically caused failure. He has to wait for his first points of the season.


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