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Pixelmator Pro: Image processing with machine learning for "anyone"

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Gadgets

The software company Pixelmator presented the new version of its image processing program Pixelmator. The software is only available for MacOS. The new Pro version supports features such as machine learning for image recognition. In addition, the user interface was adapted according to Pixelmator so that it becomes "fully Mac". But also basic features that were previously missing, such as editing RAW formats, are made available in the new version.

Onlinemagazine The Verge speaks of GUI changes in the form of more sidebar functions, tabs in a single program window, iCloud synchronization and the support of macros for the touch bar of the current Macbook Pro.
Machine learning uses the software to remove and replace unwanted elements in an image. The user can select and delete areas. The software automatically fills the image behind it with the background motif, which the algorithm recognizes. In a preview, for example, an autotrack is extinguished and replaced by the field landscape behind it.

    It can mark areas in the picture … (Picture: Pixelmator)

By means of machine learning, the program can also recognize motifs independently and divide them into editable levels. Thus, the background can be automatically distinguished from the foreground or a person from an object.

Apple Core ML as the foundation
A similar feature has been offered by Adobe in its Creative Cloud for some time and is called Content-Aware Techhnology. Pixelmator emphasizes, however, that Core ML was used for the realization of Machine Learning Apples. Via this programming interface and the associated program libraries, pre-built and trained machine learning models can also be integrated into software projects by smaller third-party providers.
Pixelmator Pro is a software "basically for everyone," it says. The standard version without Machine Learning costs 30 US dollars as a single license. For comparison: Adobe Photoshop CC is a very powerful tool, but with about 10 US dollars a month costly. For the price of the pro version of Pixelmator there is no more detailed information. It will be available in the fall through the Mac App Store.


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