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Pirelli puzzles mysterious vibrations in Spa

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

26. August 2017 – 21:32

There are difficulties under load: Pirelli must find answers quickly

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(cafetheology.org) – The tire discussion is back in Formula 1, albeit on a far less emotional level than in the past. But the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps did not give the Italian tire manufacturer for the first time. After last year tire damage led to wild discussions, this time strange vibrations in the acceleration from narrow curves are attracted to the attention. In this form a completely new phenomenon in the formula 1.Williams found out that with Lance Stroll the end plate of the rear wing due to standing waves in the tires has solved, whereby the young Canadian could not take a second start in Q1. Slow-down images from the bus-stop chicane confirmed this phenomenon: the surface and sidewall of the tires tended to deform under load. This shattered the entire vehicle. Pirelli Motorsportmanager Mario Isola, according to Pirelli Motorsportmanager, played a similar phenomenon. The phenomenon itself is not new, but very well the place and intensity of the event. Although side walls had already trained such waves in the past, but only in high-speed curves. Such a deformation has also been the reason for Michelin's tire dive at the 2005 legendary USA Grand Prix. Standing waves in the flanks damaged the carcass. But also in this case speeds of over 300 km / h were in the play. The reason must therefore be different this time.Pirelli and Teams work together Pirelli is completely surprised that the phenomenon does not only occur in slow curves, but now also extends to the tread. "I do not currently have any further information about this because we still need to understand this effect," says Isola, referring to 'Motorsport.com'. "We are working with the teams to understand more about this effect, which may be due to the additional grip this year, perhaps a deformation of the tread due to the torque that causes these vibrations, but we are now looking at the data To understand this effect. "Pirelli, nor the Formula 1 teams have so far observed such a curiosity. Simultaneous deformations of the surface and the side wall occur only in Dragster races, where unaccelerated accelerations act on the rear tires, which are designed accordingly. "It could be that we had already in the past years, only that it was not so visible because of the other tire dimensions and less grip." It appears that it is with more or less all cars the same, "announces the Italian First test results. Quick answers must be made, especially the two softest tire mixtures, ie Supersoft and Ultrasoft. Behind the hardest mixture – ironically, with the term "soft" – remains only once a question mark, because it was used too little. It may be a resonance phenomenon. "We are primarily interested in the frequency and the influence it has on the construction, and how long it lasts," Isola says. The phenomenon of a danger in the race is just as unclear as the question whether it will reappear in Monza can. The variant Rettifilo is not unlike the bus stop chicane. On the other hand, there have already been tight corners already on various other routes this season, without this mystery ever having occurred in such violence. Or was it just never realized? Asked about questions that Pirelli has to clarify as soon as possible. "It could be on the asphalt, which would be right at the grip," insists Isola. "If this is not the case, we have to find the real reason, and if it is something we have had since the beginning of the season, it should not be a big problem Downforce will be even lower, but we must not underestimate this phenomenon. "Drivers see the situation less cramped. Especially at Mercedes you are very satisfied with the tire selection. "I think Pirelli has made the right tire choice for this weekend," says Valtteri Bottas. "Even the Ultrasoft does not make any problems." Lewis Hamilton also reports "no problems" – neither with the temperatures, nor with other phenomena such as standing waves. It is also quite possible that the eternal round of the stopping races from this season in Belgium will come to an end. Two stops are a realistic option.


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