Pictures That Show The Difference Between Trump And Obama

As many of the world's leaders sit down to talk policy and diplomacy in Hamburg this week, it presents a rather interesting opportunity for some comparisons. As every ...

Trump Inauguration 2017 Attendance Numbers: Trump Officials Caught In Obvious False Claim About Larger Crowd Than Barack Obama

The left-wing media hounded Donald Trump over his allegation that Barack Obama had spied on him and his campaign. Liberals beat their chests claiming there was no ...

Congress to Probe Unsubstantiated Trump Wiretap Claim That FBI, Obama Dispute Asking Congress to conduct a much broader investigation than originally envisioned also ...

On November 15, 2015, as the world grappled with the horrors of a multipronged ISIS attack in Paris, Donald Trump, who was then an improbable but officially declared ...

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President Trump announced a strong starting slate of judges on Monday to follow up on his campaign promise to fill the third branch of government with jurists who ...

President Trump dressed up his new Twitter account with a picture-perfect inauguration photo: Barack Obama’s. Minutes after he was sworn in, the Tweeter ...

FAKE NEWS ALERT! CNN Finally Releases ACTUAL Picture Of Trump Inauguration Crowd…And Proof That Crowd Size For Obama’s 2009 Inauguration Was GREATLY Exaggerated

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Pictures That Show The Difference Between Trump And Obama News

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