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Pharma – Which Swiss goals are there for Johnson & Johnson? | News

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | Economy

At the latest since AcTion's takeover, the name Johnson & Johnson (J & J) is known to Swiss investors at the beginning of this year. The biopharmaceutical company from Allschwil acquired the world's largest health care group, which sells medical devices and consumer goods, such as Listerine mouthwash and Piz Buin sun creams, for 30 billion dollars.
As early as in 2011, J & J seized another company from the Swiss Market Index. The Solothurner orthopedic company Synthes owned the US conglomerate for $ 21 billion. Synthes and Actelion have been the largest acquisitions in J & J's history so far.
According to his own data, the Multi is now also the largest US employer in Switzerland. The portfolio of Johnson & Johnson has almost 7,000 employees at 21 locations and ten cantons.
"Unfortunately, almost nobody knows in Switzerland," said Thomas Moser, Head of Communications at Johnson & Johnson Switzerland, on the first Swiss media orientation on Wednesday. This lack of knowledge and media presence in the Synthes and Actelion acquisitions was probably the reason why Johnson & Johnson decided to go public.
Only surprisingly surprising is that Johnson & Johnson, with Synthes and Actelion, has completed the two largest acquisitions of J & J's company history in Switzerland. On the one hand, the local location has traditionally produced outstanding companies in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. On the other hand, US pharmaceutical companies are accustomed to buying companies. The share of US buyers in the total value of mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical sector is around 90 percent, with a trend in recent years. The takeover wave in the pharma sector will continue.
"Of course I can not answer you"
This also raises the question of whether J & J's acquisition company is satisfied in Switzerland. "Of course I can not answer that," says Ludo Ooms, who is responsible for Actelion integration at J & J. However, big companies such as J & J were always looking for ways "and we are looking at innovation in particular".
Sector observers believe that the US multi in Switzerland will keep two areas in mind. On the other hand, larger, stock exchange-listed medical technology companies. Straumann is always heard of in the market because the segment Dentalimplanate is still missing in the medical technology portfolio of the US multinationals. After a share price increase of 420 per cent since the beginning of 2012, the market value of Straumann has now grown to almost 10 billion Swiss francs. Even with an additional exercise premium, this would not be an obstacle for the financially strong J & J. Some insiders, however, want to know that J & J does not want to know about dentistry.
As a possible goal of J & J, the hearing aid manufacturer Sonova is also mentioned. Its urnative Beda Diethelm as well as the brothers Hans-Ueli and Andy Rihs unite 19 percent of the capital. But "Sonova could also be taken over," said Sonova CEO Lukas Braunschweiler in an interview with cash in February this year.
Cilag takeover as early as 1959
Braunschweiler, however, also narrows the question: The hearing aid industry is not just a question of technology but also a question of channels and distribution. This is where companies are often hard: Johnson & Johnson is big in optics in the lens business, but not in the glasses because the company does not want to deal with the distribution, Braunschweiler said in the cash interview.
The other area, which J & J is likely to keep an eye on in Switzerland, is the smaller takeover of companies with hopeful products. In 2014, J & J bought the Covagen biotechnology company from Schlieren ZH for an estimated 200 million Swiss francs. However, their main product, an active ingredient for rheumatoid arthritis, failed at the end of 2015 in the first phase of clinical development on safety problems, as the NZZ Mitte wrote last year. With Remicade, J & J already has a blockbuster drug against rheumatoid arthritis in the portfolio.
The acquisition history of J & J in Switzerland had already started in 1959, when the Schaffhauser pharmaceutical production company Cilag was taken over in Schaffhausen. Today, the company is the largest private employer in the canton of Schaffhausen, with 1200 employees.


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