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Pedrosa saves seventh place: "Weekend to Forget"

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Sports

28. August 2017 – 09:51

All that was left in the end was only seventh place for Dani Pedrosa in Silverstone

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(cafetheology.org) – Dani Pedrosa experienced a horror weekend after three podium places in the UK. The Spaniard did not get up to speed in the training sessions and still managed to finish seventh in the race after a completely screwed up lap. He could never drive the pace of the top group, which was due mainly to the strong ground waves in Silverstone. As the lightest and smallest pilot in the driver's field, Pedrosa was particularly hard on these conditions. "I have not been able to compete with the top since the first practice," he says on Sunday evening. "My pace was much slower than the fastest in every session." In the first practice session on Friday morning, the 31-year-old lost 15 seconds and a half and a half to the fastest time. In the afternoon, he was ranked 17th with almost the same number. "I had big problems with the ground shafts and the stability of the bike on the track," was his conclusion after the training session. He could not control the bike with his 51 kg with a body size of 1.60 meters over the ground waves, it shook him the whole time. "I was shaken so hard that I almost could not see the track anymore, and as soon as I got a blow, the bike was crazy, the problem was only bigger from one wave to the next, the bike was always vibrating." Therefore, it was very difficult to keep the gas open and the rear tire on the track. "It was really hard, I could not enjoy a lap, for me, the track is too wavy, it needs a new, gentle and liquid asphalt," he says.Set-up changes did not bring the hoped for relief Maverick Vinales also noted That the road conditions have deteriorated significantly compared to the previous year. It is assumed that this is connected with the now more powerful downforce of the Formula 1 cars, which drove the Grand Prix in Silverstone in the middle of July. Already in Argentina, Mugello, Barcelona and Spielberg the pilots found similar conditions. Pedrosa wrote a nuller in Termas de Rio Hondo and in Italy, but from his point of view Silverstone was the worst track.

Ten seconds behind, Pedrosa had the goal, place seven was the maximum

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Even on Saturday his problems were hardly any smaller. In the third session, he finished ninth in the top 10, but he did not take his time from the previous day. "We've tried different votes to get a better feeling, but that did not help." He was only 17th after the training sessions, the move into the Q2 he missed clearly. "I'm having trouble all the time," he says, "when you check the data, my numbers are much more horrendous than those of the other two," he said after the qualifying with team mate Marc Marquez and LCR driver Cal Crutchlow , Which reached for the march in Q1 and finally the conciliatory seventh starting place. It was possible to improve the soft tires, by which the Spaniard could build up more grip. "The goal was to drive the best possible race," the HRC driver finally describes on Sunday evening. Since all set-up efforts did not take place, he contested the race with his basic set-up of Friday morning. "I was like a yo-yo": Pace in the rrenrimm better It was constant after the start in the middle of the seventh and eighth place He won the position of the team colleague. Pedrosa can proudly say that the goal has been achieved. He did not miss the Marquez's pace in the first eight laps of the race, after which he was only a few tenths of a second slower than Valentino Rossi and his pursuers. "In comparison to the others, I've lost grip in every curve, I've left some time at each turnout, so I've tried to slow down harder to catch up with that time," he says, "I'm always like one Jo-jo, because of the late braking I was often not on the right line, so I also made mistakes. " However, his backlog was limited to ten seconds. "In the warm-up we did not know which tire we would use. In the afternoon, the track temperature rose to 40 degrees, so it was clear."


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