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PayTV: wrong debits with Sky-Ticket customers

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Gadgets

Pay-TV access Sky Ticket has been charged to customers despite notice of termination. This is reported by the blogger Caschy Stadt-Bremerhaven.de, citing the company's customer support. There, affected people report their debits from their account, "although no ticket is selected in my account, I expect explanation and my money back."

The company has confirmed the problem. Sky-Pressesprecher Stefan Bortenschlager told Golem.de on request: "Unfortunately, there was a technical problem last Friday, which is why single contracts of Sky Ticket customers who terminated on time have not been automatically terminated and the fee for the next month was mistakenly charged "We have identified the affected customers and will refund them, of course, and we would like to apologize for the inconvenience."
Sky ticket still without app for Amazon TV
Sky Ticket is a stand-alone offering that allows access to the Sky program without a long-term contract. Sky Ticket as a pure streaming service requires only an Internet connection. On the Amazon Fire TV or on the stick, the app is not available so far. Customers can use the service on the TV via the console consoles Xbox One, PS 3 and PS4, or with Chromecast or Airplay.
Sky Ticket Entertainment costs 9.99 Euro per month and offers new series and complete series stagings. The Entertainment Monthsticket is currently available in an action for 1 Euro a month.
Sky Ticket Cinema at the price of 14.99 per month, Kinofilme also offers in the English original.


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