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Parents and child die in crater

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | World News

A trap from seething mud or gases? In Italy, a volcano crater chokes a child. When the parents rush to help, they are themselves victims.

An eleven-year-old boy and his parents died near Naples in the crater of a volcanic field. A seven-year-old child from the Turin family survived the disaster at the Phlegraean fields in Pozzuoli, as the police reported on Tuesday. The Vulkankrater is also a popular attraction for tourists.

According to media reports, the father and the mother wanted to save their son, who had entered a restricted area within the Vulkankraters. As in many places of the Solfatara, hot gases were emitted there and the ground had been soft, reported the news agency Ansa. The boy had lost consciousness. The father and then the mother were killed shortly afterwards in their rescue attempts, they said.

The newspaper "Il Mattino" reported that the boy had fallen into a column of seething mud, where father and mother wanted to rush to his aid. The smaller brother had not hurt himself. "I've seen a boy run away crying, I've never seen such a tragic tragedy," said Diego Vitagliano, the local newspaper.

Over 150 square kilometers large area
The Solfatara is one of the craters of the Phlegraean Fields, an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 150 square kilometers with a high volcanic activity extending to Naples. The Phlegraean Fields are a popular excursion for schoolchildren and tourists with their impressive smoke columns, which rise from the ground. Directly in the open field are several holes from which hot gases flow. The area is known for a kind of drifting sand.


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