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Palmer: Get to know the Internet from Renault-Abschied

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Sports

15. September 2017 – 21:08

Jolyon Palmer has to look for another job in 2018

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(cafetheology.org) – Absent Renault driver Jolyon Palmer has learned from the end of his time with the French from the media. As he explained shortly after his release by Carlos Sainz in the context of the Singapore Grand Prix, the sister publication of 'cafetheology.org' would have illuminated him: "I knew about it when I read it in 'Autosport'. After that, I realized it was true, "says Palmer. "It's a pity, no idea who gave it to the media." Nevertheless, the bad news was not surprising in the Internet, with a stand at 0:34 after the World Cup points in the stall duel with Nico Hülkenberg and Robert Kubica's test. "At the work I delivered this year, the team knew that the team is looking at other people," Palmer sighs, talking about a disappointing year when, despite some technical spans, he had not shone with the best performance: "I'm going do not go and say I've taken everything out of the car "; he looks back moaning and kinky. The Briton saves himself from expressing resentment at Renault. Assuming a journalist, the team would not want him, he calls a subjective impression. "That's how you understand it," Palmer, whose kick-off in the coming race in Malaysia is still on the agenda, is raising the eyebrows. He wants to take advantage of the opportunity that his well-watered contract offers him: "I want to finish the season's head, I have the chance to show what I can." Alternatives in the Formula 1 are, however, rare. If only the Williams team offers a perspective, there are more promising candidates – even if Palmers father Jonathan has a well-filled purse. He says, "I have not thought much about it, it is unclear what I am going to do, I have time to think and not to have time." The fact that the signs are farewell can be read out between the lines: "I can not complain, to have entered the Formula 1 is a performance – something that I often believed I would not do" Palmer is melancholic.


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