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Özdemir accuses Merkel "election campaign for Erdogan"

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | World News

"The world is out of line." Round two of "Illner intensively" is about foreign policy. Turkey and Erdogan are the focus of the discussion.

The guests

Katja Kipping, (The Left), Party ChairmanCem Özdemir (B'90 / The Greens), top candidate for the Bundestag election, Peter Altmaier (CDU), Chancellor of the Ministry of Justice
At the start, a small collage of politician's exhortations matched with the same tenor: "The world has disappeared." The bewilderment, as Illner found, was the word. How such a policy could become a policy, she drafted the initial question for her guests, not without a basic candidate. They were participants in an assessment center, a test center for future performers. The audit was conducted in three areas: Turkey, North Korea and Putin. In the background ticked the time. All three had a limited time account, had to respond quickly.

The fronts
This was hard for them. Too often, it tickled them to respond directly to comments from the other. Illner wanted to know their subjects. You did. There were no news from the candidates about what was already known from the party programs and in the public. Example Turkey: Kipping stressed the turn of Martin Schulz and Angela Merkel in the TV duel is "only conditionally credible". Military cooperation with Turkey must be ended. With President Recep Erdogan there could be no EU accession, but perhaps with the Turkish opposition.

 Özdemir called for a common European line – as he did it for all the theme complexes of the evening – and the twisting of money taps. Thus the Hermes guarantees for risky exports should be put on hold. A suspension of EU accession negotiations, on the other hand, is "a pattern of no value" since it would not be possible to join the EU anyway. He spoke and turned sharply to Altmaier. He could only blow into the same horn as his boss. Discontinuation of the negotiations is an EU matter.

Excitement of the evening
In this talkshow, no politicians fell over each other or left the studio indignantly. A little boiled the mood when and when. Somewhat as Kipping, perhaps encouraged by Özdemir, who represented a similar position, addressed Altmaier to Turkey: "Military cooperation do not want to end it?" The Union man stammered some of the geostrategic interest of Europe. Özdemir went after. There should be no cutbacks in the demands of Erdogan for human rights, just because there is the refugee camp. The "travel program of the chancellor" had thereby however like "election campaign for Erdogan" worked, so the green.

Altmaier replied that the deal had been concluded above all for the welfare of the refugees. Whether it was diplomatic or hypocritical, Illner asked provocatively. Altmaier swallowed. Points, however, he collected when he rubbed the demand of her party under the nose to dissolve NATO. This is "irresponsible in a world full of crises". The EU's "2% target" with regard to the alliance, which the Federal Government had ratified "by Parliament", meant annual expenditure on armaments of 35 billion euros, according to the Left. "They should not lead this debate with lies", Altmaier chattered and reckoned differently. Two to three billion by 2024 would not have anything to do with rearmament.

Illner Moment
Illner remained mistress of the situation. As with a chess game, by pressing the stopwatch to force the opponent to act, she challenged responses. Too bad, that did not cause much discussion. Emotional outbursts could not afford the participants, because Illner always caught them again. Anyway, almost. A bit of friction shone through in places, and Illner had to let her guests – quite politician-talker and not auditor. Somewhat as Kipping and Özdemir wanted to argue about foreign operations of the Bundeswehr. Whether it was not worth it, if chemical weapons were brought out of Syria, so the Green. The pacifist replied: The war on terror had brought nothing. There are more violent terrorists than ever, according to Kipping. Time account full? Given.

What remained of the evening
If the issue of foreign policy were compared with the attribute of statesman, and if the candidates were to be matched, Özdemir would have been the best. He was focussed, had numbers ready, and did not let himself get out of his way. Kipping seemed unsafe, spoke a lot with her arms and seemed a little inhibited between the policy-old bunnies. Altmaier showed again that he is not a racquet. Rather the man behind the scenes, who tries to sell contents of his chancellor. He did so with an amazing dose of excitement. The fact that he received most of the scenes from the audience had to be balm for his soul.

The show was crisp, entertaining, because the protagonist did not have much time to answer. The fast change of themes allowed the viewer to travel around the world in 30 minutes. Only: was that intense? Experience tourists from the Far East, who in three days Amsterdam, Neu-Schwanstein and Vienna see Europe intensively? Hardly likely.


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