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Organization of the Bundestagswahl 2017 as expensive as never

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | World News

According to a report of the "Saarbr├╝ckener Zeitung" the Federal Ministry of the Interior expects with record costs in the amount of 92 million euro for the Bundestagswahl on 24 September – 15 million euro more than four years ago.

The increase is attributable to the higher port cost for the sending of electoral notifications and ballot papers. In addition, the electorate received higher grants, the newspaper learned from the Ministry of the Interior. The electoral boards would each receive 35 euros for the day, the remaining members each 25 euros. Four years ago, the sum was 21 euros.

650,000 election assistants are employed
According to the newspaper, citing the German Town and Community Confederation, 650,000 voluntary election assistants are needed in the Bundestag election to ensure a smooth process in around 90,000 election sites. In some municipalities, "gaps" still have to be concluded with the election assistants, Gerd Landsberg, the chief executive of the municipal association, said.


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