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Operating Systems: Linux 4.13 optimizes file accesses and can now TLS

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Gadgets

The integrated graphics unit in AMD's Raven Ridge mobile processor is just as much a part of the changes as for Linux 4.13, as is its graphics chip with the code name Vega. But Intel's next-generation processors named Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake also receive patches. The Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) already integrated as a driver gets its own bus and the kernel can take over TLS connections. Linus Torvalds has now released the code from Linux 4.13.

The most important change for Torvalds: By default, version 3 of the Windows Server Message Block (SMB / CIFS) network protocol is used instead of version 1, as Torvalds follows the urgent advice of Microsoft because the outdated version of SMB1 has hard-to-fix weaknesses, the spread of the extortionist Trojan Wanna Cry were used. Whoever wants to use the older versions can add vers = 1.0 or vers = 2.1 as a mount option.
However, what is still missing is the DC code (Display Core), which is still denied by the Linux community. This is the only way to realize HDMI audio, kernel-controlled screen resolutions and output on the screen at all. In the description of the code now submitted there is still no indication as to whether and when this will happen. By the way, some functions have been improved in the driver, such as the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM).

Stereoscopy for Nvidia
The driver for Intel graphics units mostly receives only small corrections for current chips, but also code for the upcoming processors Coffee Lake, which are expected in the coming months. Also the graphics unit of the processor for 2-in-1 devices Cannon Lake is supported code. However, the support of both graphics units is not yet complete. In contrast to Coffee Lake, whose graphics unit Gen9 resembles those that are already included in the processors Skylake and Kaby Lake and therefore only few changes need to be fully supported, there is still some needed for the Gen10 graphics chip in the Cannon-Lake processors Adjustments until these also work.
Anyone who needs it can look forward to the support of stereoscopic 3D in the free driver Nouveau for newer graphic chips from Nvidia. To improve support for the Vulcan API, the DRM kernel provides the ability to synchronize activities between GPU and applications. In addition, the VC4 driver for the Raspberry Pi has been extended by some functions, such as to improve the control of energy consumption via HDMI.


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