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Open Source: Node.js leadership is dispelling over Code-of-Conduct

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

In a majority decision, the Node.js community's governing body (TSC) has decided not to exclude the developer Rod Vagg from the TSC. Various stakeholders in the community had previously accused Vagg of having violated the code of conduct (Code-of-Conduct, CoC). In response to this decision, several TSC members who have voted for the exclusion have resigned from their position with immediate effect.

They are Anna Henningsen, Bryan Hughes and Myles Borins. The latter justifies his decision in a blog entry that the decision taken by the TSC was not in the interest of the Node.js project. Borins said this is mainly about the values ​​"we represent as a project and how we take responsibility for ourselves".
The concrete accusations are no longer publicly in the discussion on Github, but have been re-published by some community members on Twitter. In addition to a behavior contrary to the rules of the CoC, Vagg is also accused of being publicly opposed to the CoC. In his position as one of the project leaders, this private opinion could be understood as a project opinion, which in turn had a negative impact on the project.
Community feedback and build
Ashley Williams, an NPM-based developer, represents the community as an elected member of the Node.js Foundation's Board of Directors, and, in response to the TSC's decision, is now calling on its possible concerns about this decision. Williams would like to use this information as an official representative of the community to discuss topics such as dealing with the CoC on the board of directors.

According to Williams, the other members of the Board of Management, which represented the companies, had previously denied their commitment to the community on these topics. The collected feedback could disprove this and make the board more concerned with the community leadership, the CoC as well as the values ​​that Node.js represents. On her dissatisfaction with the current Node.js leadership and related negative experiences, Williams reported extensively in a keynote (presentation) at the Enterjs conference a few weeks ago.
It is not yet clear how the Node.js community will deal with the conflict. As a first step, however, the TSC could be reunited with the Core Technical Committee (CTC). In the future there would be only one leading body of the community, which deals with all decisions. There are plans to do so for a long time, and so far there is mostly agreement for implementation.

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